July 7, 2020

Garmin vivofit activity monitors for children

The two new bracelets look attractive colors and are inspired by the theme of the Disney Frozen 2 movies and Lucasfilm Star Wars.

Technology is not exclusive to adults, and there are more and more devices on the market focused on children, future consumers of all these products and those that are coming. Thinking of the youngest of the house, the firm Garmin, a specialist in navigation systems and watches aimed at controlling physical activity, adds two new versions of activity monitors to its range of children's monitors within its range of children's wristbands, counting on the theme of Disney's Frozen 2 and Lucasfilm Star Wars.

The goal of this sophisticated complement to wear on the wrist is instill in children healthy lifestyle habits. In addition to being able to count the number of steps they take each day, check the hours of dreams and their quality, or see the minutes of activity during the day, vivofit jr 2 Encourage children to unlock the adventure by keeping fit.

Being a product designed for children, the two new devices have a durable strap on which characters characters are engraved and can be used during water activities to be submersible, with a customizable color screen. Have also been added new fitness cards They guide children through basic exercise movements with the help of their favorite characters, and the battery lasts for more than a year.

Bracelet Garmin vivofit jr Disney Frozen 2 (89.99 euros) is available with purple belt for Anna and blue for Elsa, and through an application on the mobile they have 60 minutes a day to reach the objectives, learning to ice skate with the help of an adult and traveling to an enchanted forest to locate the origin of a mysterious voice.

Bracelet Garmin vivofit jr Star Wars in two designs that allows you to relive the most exciting scenes of the saga with a recommended retail price of 89.99 euros, and the additional straps are sold separately (29.99 euros), opening a world of adventures with the characters of Spider-Man, Disney Princesses, Minnie Mouse or Marvel's Avengers.

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