Garicano proposes a plan of 15,000 million to avoid the ruin of more than a million SMEs and freelancers




MEP Luis Garicano proposes to allocate 15,000 million to avoid the ruin of almost a million SMEs and 350,000 self-employed with solvency problems due to the pandemic. His plan involves assigning 9,000 million to direct aid and another 6,000 million to a voluntary tender mechanism, supervised by the banks, which would automatically oblige the State to assume deductions equal to those of the private sector.

«The situation is extreme, two out of three SMEs and freelancers in the hotel and restaurant sector are in difficulties, according to the Bank of Spain. It is a true tsunami, we cannot allow it to take this entire sector away, ”says Garicano. «In Spain, the level of aid is


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