García Pimienta 2.0 in search of excellence

Garcia Pepper. / YOU THE PALMS

The Catalan coach starts his first project without the short-termism that marked his landing in January. He has gained ascendancy in the club

It was after a defeat at home against Girona (1-3) and with UD bottoming out. Ecuador last March. by then
already accumulated seven games at the head of the team and only totaled one victory. The stumbling block not only wobbled the options of fighting for the promotion of the team. He also threatened his credit on the bench that he had just inherited after Pepe Mel's long cycle. That night he received the call from the president. He invited him to dinner.

They talked about everything except football.
«He showed me his human side and for me it was something very important», he acknowledged when recalling that informal evening that, over time, has become crucial in his journey at the club. Since that day, seven wins and two draws in the final stretch of the regular phase of the calendar to get into the failed promotion, then against Tenerife. But his outcome did not detract one iota from the ascendancy gained in the previous weeks, to the point of not compromising his continuity at all despite having a signed contract until 2023.

Xavi García Pepper (Barcelona, ​​1974) is now preparing to start his first campaign from kilometer zero at UD. Accumulate, so far, 18 games, with a balance of eight wins, five draws and as many defeats. Good arithmetic that seasons with a football creed to which he has been faithful and that has earned the support of the locker room, with Jonathan Viera at the helm. Protagonism from possession of the ball, verticality and defense in the opposite field are the basis of a style book that matches the traits that he already put into practice in La Masía, a model in which, lacking more, there are also open doors to the quarry. Everything, in line with what is sought to exploit the Barranco Seco factory, a usual fishing ground for top-class footballers and which always needs a coach of his court, open to meritocracy and courage.

His figure has been gaining weight in the hierarchy of the club, where his corporate profile and industrious spirit are liked, beyond his virtues as a strategist. Luis Helguera, his supporter, has been in tune with Pimienta to a superlative degree despite the fact that they have barely shared responsibility for half a year and has made him a participant in all the decisions he has made in the architecture of the new squad.
Many of the casualties that occurred were at the express request of the coachalso with a singing voice in the shopping list.

His understanding with the president is complete. /

you the palms

Everything, with the idea that, unlike last year, he does monitor the balances and demarcations and can develop an action plan outside the short-termism to which he was forced by the circumstances upon his arrival. The established base as well as the new variables that he wishes to implement with the calm and margin that a tailored preseason has given him, with high-level friendlies and a long concentration in Marbella in which to finalize details and consolidate automatisms.

He is, in short, before his great professional revalidation, in a favorable ecosystem, with a squad that presents guarantees and, most importantly, a hobby that believes that this season is going to be possible.
He has earned the opportunity to make history at UD, to complete his mission. She knows it and does not intend to waste it.

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