June 14, 2021

García-Page wishes Sánchez that the coalition government will end with Podemos out and “evaporated” from Parliament

In an interview in Thirteen, collected by Europa Press, García-Page recalled his previous term, which was attended by Podemos leaders in the regional government. “We tried to live as well as possible and personally I felt attacked. They forced us to incorporate them into the government,” he said.

Thus, he assured that we will have to “wait a few months to see if there is a will” in the Coalition Government to “live together”, in reference to the presence of ministers of United Podemos with those of the PSOE.

García-Page has pointed out that “coordination is a problem of all governments”, because “there is always a contradiction of interests between Ministries.” “Conflicts materialize, it is not uncoordinated,” he stressed regarding the discrepancies between PSOE and United We on the draft of the Law on Sexual Freedom promoted by the Minister of Equality, Irene Montero.

“In the Government there is no discussion in which the president is Pedro Sánchez,” he warned, and then stressed that “there is no discussion” when the chief executive said in a campaign that he could not sleep with members of Podemos in certain ministries. “The problem is not that I sleep more, it’s that people sleep well,” he said.


Asked about a reform of the Criminal Code to reduce penalties for crimes of sedition and rebellion, the socialist leader explained that it is “inevitable” that both concepts adapt to “reality”, although he has clarified that sentences should not be lowered and take into account what has happened in recent years to update the Criminal Code.

In that sense, García-Page has stressed that “ERC cannot be judge and party.” “It cannot be decisive in the vote on (reform) of the Criminal Code that is of its own application,” he insisted, and then asked to “update from common sense” because “it has to be valid for many generations.”


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