García Egea demands Sanchez to break the pacts of the PSC with independentistas in institutions for "moral obligation"

This is how García Egea expressed this Saturday in Alicante in reference to the confession of one of the detained CDRs, who explained to the judge that they "told him" that the president of the Generalitat de Catalunya, Quim Torra, "knew the violent plans of the Team of Tactical Response (ERT) to enter the Parlament ".

For Egea, the Government of Spain has "the legal obligation" to "appeal all the actions approved in the Parliament of Catalonia" - in reference to the resolutions approved on Thursday by Junts Per Catalunya, Esquerra Republicana and the CUP on "working for to obtain the amnesty of the sovereignist prisoners if they are condemned in the judgment of the 1-O trial "- as well as the" moral obligation to break all the pacts with the independentistas that maintains --the PSC-- with the independentistas in the City councils and the Diputación de Barcelona ".

The secretary general has considered that Sanchez must "say if he is with the independentistas or with the constitutionalists". "If it does not, we will know what we are facing on November 10," he said.

"In Spain, people when they have a problem do not call the CDRs, they do not call these violent gentlemen, but they call the Civil Guard, the Police and the Mossos, who are guaranteeing our freedom, and Pedro Sánchez should be next to those who guarantee freedom and not on the side of those who try to restrict it, "he said.

For this reason, Egea considers that if Sanchez "continues as if nothing happens in the municipalities" it will be possible to know if the PSOE "prefers to have power even at the cost of the CDR and Torra or if he prefers the side of the constitutionalists".

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