García Castellón refuses to hand over to Podemos the documents of his "prospective" investigation against the party

Judge Manuel García Castellón has rejected Podemos's request to deliver a copy of the proceedings of the case in which he has investigated the party and five of its founders for nine months in a "prospective" manner, according to the Criminal Chamber. , which has forced the instructor to file the proceedings.

García Castellón alleges that Ione Belarra's party is not "presented" or "charged" in the procedure and adds that the information must be kept with "special secrecy". Precisely, the Prosecutor's Office of the National High Court reproached the magistrate for the defenselessness that he supposed for the five affected that his accounts and personal movements were not being investigated without even being charged and the violation of fundamental rights that this entailed.

Although it focused on the five founders, including Juan Carlos Monedero, and companies linked to them, what the judge was pursuing was a crime of irregular financing that would have been committed before the party was created at a time when that crime did not exist in the criminal code, as the Prosecutor's Office and the Criminal Chamber had to repeatedly remind the judge.

In the same sense, Podemos has requested the aforementioned copy of the proceedings from the judge in order to verify whether throughout the investigation "their fundamental rights have been affected and in what way" and denounces the violation of the right to a "trial equitable” due to the projection given by the numerous leaks of the secret cause.

After being forced to close the case, the judge has opened an investigation for money laundering against Juan Carlos Monedero, also based on the PISA report of the political brigade and the testimonies of Hugo 'El Pollo' Carvajal and other Venezuelans whom he has granted witness protected status.

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