García Castellón opens an investigation into Monedero after failing with the alleged irregular financing of Podemos

The judge of the National High Court Manuel García Castellón has agreed to open a case to investigate the founder of Podemos Juan Carlos Monedero for alleged crimes of money laundering and false documents after having failed in the secret and "prospective" case for the alleged irregular financing of trainingin which he also persecuted the politician and other founders of Podemos without even attributing them the status of defendants.

Two years of García Castellón against Podemos: nine suspects, no accused

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García Castellón is now focusing on some transfers between the Monedero company, Caja de Resistencia Motiva 2 Producciones SL, with the company VIU Europa and Banco del Alba for the preparation of an advisory report on the financial spheres of the Alba countries.

In an order, the magistrate explains that the Criminal Chamber, in the resolution by which he was ordered to file the secret and "prospective" investigation, indicated that if the court deemed it appropriate, he should deduce testimony for the investigation of economic crimes and falsehoods. The magistrate resorts to this, once again taking into account the statements of former Venezuelan general Hugo, 'El Pollo', Carvajal, whose testimony was disregarded by the Prosecutor's Office and the Criminal Chamber.

García Castellón now explains that from the analysis of the documentation provided by the UDEF there are, in his opinion, suspicions that some of the documents provided by VIU Europa SL, following a police request, "could present obvious inaccuracies between the date of creation of the file and the date that appears on the same document.

The police documents sent by the UDEF indicated that the Banco del Alba paid 425,000 euros to the Caja de Resistencia Motiva 2, owned by Monedero, for the “Report on the comparative study of the financial spheres of the ALBA countries and analysis of the bases of legal-financial harmonization, implementation and timely advice on the project until December 31, 2014”.

Once the documents have been analyzed, the magistrate concludes that the triangular movement of funds between Banco del Alba, Caja de Resistencia Motiva 2 Producciones SL and VIU Europa SL "presents characteristic features of operations linked to money laundering", which allows inferring the commission of economic crimes and falsehoods.

In addition, it takes into account the statements of Hugo Armando Carvajal in which he affirmed the use of the VIU Europa company to cover up irregular operations linked to Monedero, as well as the testimony of a protected witness. The versions of two different protected witnesses of 'Pollo' Carvajal also did not serve in the investigations of García Castellón who legally thrashed the superior instance. In his order, García Castellón comes to refer to some alleged deliveries of money to Monedero, which he despised the Criminal Chamber by referring to them as “Third Party Narratives”.

Judge García Castellón agrees to deduce testimony from the proceedings to initiate new proceedings in which to investigate Monedero.

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