García Castaño asks for permission to declare outside the Law of Official Secrets

The police commissioner and former head of the Central Unit of Operational Support (UCAO), Enrique García Castaño, today sent a letter to the Court of Instruction number 6 of Madrid in which he asks the Council of Ministers to be allowed to declare without abiding by the Law of Official Secrets.

The letter, to which EFE has had access, requests that García Castaño be allowed to "declare freely without the prohibitions imposed by the Official Secrets Law" and the agreements of the Council of Ministers "in relation to the structure, organization, means, sources and operating procedures of the UCAO and its participation in operations of terrorism, drug trafficking or corruption. "

Likewise, the judge is asked to "likewise decide" whether García Castaño "can declare without the prohibitions imposed by the Law of Reserved Expenditures (11/1995 of May 11) in relation to the use and destination of reserved funds used in police operations" .

García Castaño is charged for alleged crimes of revelation of secrets, bribery, criminal organization and money laundering and is considered the right hand of former commissar José Manuel Villarejo, who is currently in preventive detention and investigated for 14 serious crimes.

In his brief to the court, Garcia Castaño exposes his "firm intention" to "collaborate with the administration of justice until the full clarification of the facts that are being investigated" but stresses that for that it is necessary to reveal "sensitive data of operations police. "

Indicates that the data that should be disclosed affect "police operations, sources of information, mechanisms for obtaining data, undercover agents and use of reserved funds" and that it could not detail that information if it does not have the permission of the "relevant authority" .

He adds that his desire is to "declare on all these aspects and collaborate without restrictions with justice," always in the "strict compliance with the law" and without detailing issues "protected by official secrecy", saying that the opposite would mean "a it manifests irregularity, in addition to a recklessness on the part of Public Ministry ".

For all these reasons, García Castaño requests in his writing the permission of the Council of Ministers "to reveal data on the use and destination of reserved funds that would be referenced in the recordings" of the meetings and meetings he had with Villarejo and that, As he says, they were made without his knowledge.

In addition, it requests "an express pronouncement of not having the consideration of official secrets, or the dispensation to declare about it, regarding the operations, sources, information and other data that appear in the conversations, and, specifically, those referred to the identity of people, which must also be protected by the judicial organ. "

And to all of the above, he adds his "well-founded fear" that "since his statement was completely leaked to the court, as well as a large part of the contents of the recordings intervened in the context of this case" the fact that they were now revealed official secrets "would put at serious risk various people, operations, sources and police structures, that is, certain aspects of national security."


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