Garci: “If Galdós had not lost his sight, he would have been a tremendous cinephile”

Garci, winner of the first Oscar for Spain in 1983 and nominated up to four times for the US awards, he gave the talk Galdós and modernity at the House-Museum of the famous writer in the capital of Gran Canaria, within the cycle Hablando de Galdós. Prior to the talk, he had a meeting with the media and not only spoke about Galdós but also did not refuse to talk about Culture in Spain, new technologies and his step aside as a film director to make room for young people .

Garci also assured that «Galdós is an expanding universen because you do not know what the limit will be, that happens with very few authors, and that is related to Cervantes or Quevedo, which are expanding galaxies, that is why they are classics, because every time you read them they are the reflection of your modern sensibility ”, he explained, while ensuring that there is always something to discover about Galdós.

The filmmaker considers the author the grandfather he never had because since he was a child he has been Galdosian


He also spoke of the duality of Galdós, that being canary was the one that best described Madrid And that is why he showed his surprise at not hearing when it arrives in Gran Canaria that the plane lands at the Benito Pérez Galdós Airport, and the same when it arrives in the capital of Spain. “I can’t quite understand why the two cities have been the capital cities of his life and because there are few people so universal, not just from literature, but from Spanish culture. Galdós was a man who began with poetry, continued through the theater, went on to a novel, but to a historical novel, which It has nothing to do with the usual, and he was also a painter and draftsman», He pointed out.

Garci, who among other works adapted El abuelo to the cinema, explained that when you have good characters it is very easy to adapt Galdós, because everything is given, the most important thing is to “prune.” Perhaps the most difficult thing is to adapt them to the moment in which you are going to do it, he explained

The director of movies like Pending subject and Lullaby He gave his opinion on the state of Culture in Spain and assured that it has never mattered to anyone, to any Government, neither of the left nor of the right. “We are in a world with a slippery terrain, with many changes, and Culture is also noticing it, and there are two possibilities, one to look forward and the other to look back,” he said.

Garci also did not refuse to talk about new ways of watching movies at home, because cinemas have already disappeared, he said, while adding that it is still “beautiful” for a person to see. Citizen Kane on your mobile phone while riding the Metro. “I am of the opinion that the screen wars are going to be good because the fabric screens of the cinema can coexist perfectly with the glass screens of the television and now with the touch screens.” And he acknowledged that he only talks about the latter because he does not have a mobile or any type of these devices.

“He is one of those writers who, every time you read it, reflects your modern sensibility,” he says.


«I don’t know what the future will hold, but I don’t care about seeing El abuelo on television than seeing him on the Metro because you’re seeing what Galdós wanted. The future is there and there will be good things and bad things, like everything else, it is about preserving the best of the old and the best of everything that comes out new, “he added. Garci also assured that we made the mistake of storing video tapes first and then DVDs, and now they are useless because in a few years we will tell Alexia what we want to see. “All the cinema on the planet will be embedded in a giant computer and we will have it at home on a screen almost as large as that of some minicines,” he ventured.

Finally, Garci acknowledged that as a film director he has had many things to do, but that he knows he will not do them because “my time is up.” «I think there are a new people and a new generation, and in the same way that I was educated with movies and books, others are being educated with video games and the world of advertising. It is not better or worse, it is different, and there are universal themes such as love, heartbreak, hatred, and those are the ones used by the great geniuses of literature and cinema, “he summarized.


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