Garbiñe Muguruza can't with Kenin's push

Garbiñe Muguruza stayed at the doors of his third Grande on three different surfaces. Sofia Kenin, 21, raised her first Grand Slam in Melbourne by winning 4-6, 6-2 and 6-2 in two hours and three minutes. The resurrection of the Spanish did not culminate with the title, although her tournament has been outstanding. Just two months after reuniting with Conchita Martínez, the world's number one is recovered for the elite. The final ratified the curse that pursues Spanish tennis in Australia. Only Nadal in 2009 was able to lift the title. Before Gisbert, Gimeno, Moyá, Arancha, Conchita, Rafa four times fell and Spain lost three Davis finals. Garbiñe will have to wait for Paris to expand his curriculum of Grandes (Roland Garros'16 and Wimbledon'17). His tournament involves the rescue of a single player with enough tennis to win anywhere, although the resolution of the game against Kenin was not up to par.

The conditions of the final had nothing to do with those experienced in the semifinal against Halep. Of the almost 40 degrees outdoors that were recorded before the Romanian, it was passed at 23 indoors. Garbiñe soon acclimated. Just a couple of games took to show the reliability he has exhibited since the second round. Kenin did not seem to regret the inexperience of departure, but it was a mirage. As soon as the Spanish settled down at the bottom of the court, the match began to go where she wanted. In the third game came the first break. The American felt dominated from the bottom. He tried to bring Garbiñe closer to the net with left-overs, but the consistency of the number one in the world weighed more. The gestures of the player born in Moscow were revealing that something was wrong. He had serious problems with the second serve, threw the racket to the ground, although he was able to grab the track to save four break balls in the seventh game. There Garbiñe hesitated. He had had the opportunity to stand 5-2 and serve to take the set, but he did not know how to take advantage of his opportunity. Kenin had escaped the abyss and Garbiñe gave up his next service because his head stayed in the previous game. The Spanish was reset in time and achieved a new break, which was decisive to take the first set, but the game had changed.

And he did it from the firmness in the service of the two finalists. The first three games of the second manga were solved in white. The first that offered any symptom of doubt was Garbiñe. He hesitated, the Yankee returned everything, began to be comfortable in the exchanges and took command. For the first time in days, the Spanish felt dominated. It was not she who ruled the points. The initiative was on Kenin's side and the game was going too fast. Garbiñe derailed, lost control of the ball and in just half an hour the duel landed in the third set.

It was about returning as soon as possible and preventing the number 15 in the world from believing that victory was within reach. The first step was to match the blank game with which Kenin started the set. Garbiñe did it. The game began to travel along a path sown with nerves on both sides of the track. In addition to handling the racket, emotions had to be controlled. 1-1, 2-2 and the Spanish box rising to cheer her up. The critical moment was approaching and the experience had to be appealed. What Conchita said on the eve of knowing when to attack and when to defend. The American was a flan. Three break balls came in the fifth game, but in the first limit situation he didn't make a single mistake. He saved all three. The stick was too hard for Garbiñe and as the Yankee continued to take advantage of every break ball he had (he finished with 5/6 and the Spanish made 2/12), the final got very uphill. With 5-2, Garbiñe had an end that did not live up to his magnificent tournament. A double foul - ended with 8 by none of the American - blurred two outstanding weeks.


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