Garamendi completes the CEOE dome with the signing of former Senator Rosa Santos | Economy

Garamendi completes the CEOE dome with the signing of former Senator Rosa Santos | Economy

The president of the Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations (CEOE), Antonio Garamendi, has signed Rosa Santos as director of Labor Relations, position where she replaces Jordi García Viña. With Santos, who has just left his seat as senator of the Aragonese Regionalist Party (PAR), Garamendi completes the management team of the large employers, in the listed three women and eight men.

The new Head of Labor Relations of the CEOE occupied from the beginning of this term a place in the Senate for the PAR, party by which had presented to the city of Zaragoza in 2011 and then was director of Labor of the Government of Aragon. Before entering political life, Rosa Santos was secretary general of Confederation of Employers of Aragon (CREA), as well as representative of the CEOE in the National Council of Employment, among other responsibilities.

For his part, Jordi García Viña leaves the employer's association after five years at the head of the Department of Labor Relations that now runs Santos. Barcelonés, 51, is a professor of Labor Law at the University of Barcelona. Before joining the confederation in 2014 at the hands of the previous president, Juan Rosell, he worked in the office of Sagardoy y Asociados. He was also responsible for the Labor Area of ​​the Pintó Ruiz & del Valle law firm and the Ribé Salat Consulting legal and economic consultancy, among others.

With this appointment, Antonio Garamendi has just outlined his management team, in which José Alberto González-Ruiz Martínez has gone to occupy the general secretariat, since he already had in Cepyme with Garamendi himself. Gregorio Izquierdo, from the presidency of the National Institute of Statistics (INE), has taken over the direction of Economy, while Bernardo Aguilera continues as responsible for Regulatory and European Affairs.

In addition, Marta Blanco, has gone on to chair the International CEOE, in addition to the Council of Tourism, Culture and Sports, and Carmen Alsina, the direction of Communication and Institutional Relations. In this way, the incorporation of Rosa Santos assumes that the management team has three women out of a total of 11 managers (12 counting the president), fulfilling one of Garamendi's commitments in his investiture. To them we must add that one of the five vice presidencies is held by Pilar González de Frutos (president of the Unespa insurance association). In the previous team there was only one woman, the general secretary, Ana Plaza, and there was no vice president.

The dome is completed by Narciso Casado, who continues as director of the Presidency and Protocol cabinet and who comes out reinforced by his appointment as CEO of Internaiconal CEOE and representative in the Confederation of Ibero-American Companies (CEI). Juan Carlos Tejeda, in Formation; Javier Calderón, in Organizations and Companies; Pablo Taboada, as financial director and José María Campos, in Internal Regime.

Among the signings, Íñigo Fernández de Mesa also stands out as president of the Economic Commission. However, the former Secretary of State for Economy with the last PP Government is not part of the management team, as he continues with his work in other entities, as president of Rothschild Spain and as a board member of Scottish Power (a subsidiary of Iberdrola). It is also taken for granted that Fernández de Mesa chairs the Institute of Economic Studies, which is dependent on the CEOE and is now headed by José Luis Feito.

The vice presidencies, in addition to González de Frutos, have been occupied by Juan Pablo Lázaro (presidnete of the Madrid employers' association CEIM), Josep Sánchez Llibre (president of the Catalan Foment del Treball), Salvador Navarro (president of the Valencian employers association) and Gerardo Cuerva (substitute of Garamendi to the front of Cepyme).


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