Garamendi (CEOE) denounces that the decision to raise the minimum wage was already taken




The president of the CEOE, Antonio Garamendi, has denounced this Friday that
the decision to raise the minimum wage (SMI) as of September 1
"It was already taken" and that the Government "the only thing that has done is to turn to its own solitary". In addition, it has affirmed that it is a decision "in a political key and not a serious approach".

Garamendi, in statements to Onda Cero collected by Europa Press, has reiterated the arguments that have led the CEOE to reject "at this time" an increase in the SMI and has warned of the consequences that its rise could have, such as an increase in the black economy and the destruction of jobs.

“Our position is that at the moment not. At other times we have said yes to raising the SMI, but it has risen 30% in the last three years. With the one that is falling, the pandemic, is a very delicate moment, "he defended.

It affects SMEs

The president of the employer's association has insisted that this has little to do with the Ibex 35 companies and yes with the very small companies, which make up the majority of the business fabric in Spain, which will be affected by this rise in the SMI.

He has given the example of small farmers, who will find it difficult to implement this new increase in the SMI after it has already grown by 30% in recent years. "Virtually all collective agreements in the field are challenged by that 30% rise," he indicated.

Likewise, he has criticized the "paradox" that supposes that in the contracts that the public administrations award to the companies these increases in the minimum wage are not contemplated. "I summarize it in the phrase: I invite you to dinner, but you pay for dinner," said Garamendi, who added that in 12 of the 17 autonomous communities the goal of SMI exceeding 60% of salary is already met half.

Crisis of social dialogue

Along with a greater underground economy and the loss of jobs, Garamendi has warned that, in the medium term and "if this continues," that the Government can decide on wage increases "could break collective bargaining in the future."

“I would like politicians, who many earn much more than the businessmen I represent, in a couple of months to hire a person who collects the SMI and that they generate employment. Because billing in this country is not easy, "he said.

Asked if the employers would be willing to talk about a new increase in the SMI for 2022, Garamendi has affirmed that it will be necessary to see how the economy recovers. «In January we will be in a different position, the worst hit sectors are opening up little by little. We'll see, "he said.

As for whether you think the first vice president,
Nadia Calviño, has lost her pulse in front of the second vice president, Yolanda Díaz
Due to this rise in the SMI, the business leader has defended that the CEOE's postulates are closer to those of Calviño and that they will sit at the negotiating tables when they are called.

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