Garamendi (CEOE) charges against Pepe Álvarez (UGT) in the ABC interview and four other economic news

1. Boeing workers on the 737 MAX: "It is designed by clowns, supervised by monkeys." The documents submitted by the company have also revealed jokes and teasing towards the potential weaknesses of this model, involved in two air accidents between the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019 in Indonesia or Ethiopia with the result of 346 people killed. The content of these communications has already been rejected by Boeing, which has cited its "provocative language."

2. "If UGT proposes measures by decree, I don't know what the unions are for." His statements are contrary to the obligation of social agents to sit at a table and talk and if he proposes measures by decree I do not know what the unions are for. He will know what he says, but it offends us that he says that businessmen are selfish, that we are doing our business, that we are not interested in people and that we do not pay taxes. It is unfair and out of place.

3.Ryanair raises its profit forecast and skyrockets. The company, which had initially established a profit forecast of between 800 and 900 million euros for the year, ending in March, also highlights the fact that it received 1% more reserves for the fourth quarter of the year. I expected, so it expects rates to be better in this final quarter. As for traffic, they have raised the forecast of 153 to 154 million passengers.

4. Telephony chooses Morgan Stanley to lead the review of its activity in Latin America. Telefónica has selected Morgan Stanley as the entity in charge of leading the review of its activities in Latin America, after the end of 2019 the telecommunications group constituted the new subsidiary Telefónica Hispanoamérica, which includes all its businesses in the region, except Brazil , to boost the value of these assets.

5. Mediaset prohibits access to the board of shareholders of the Vivendi trust.
The group, owned by the Berlusconi family, has informed in a statement of the decision and argued for it that it is because Vivendi - which has 28.8% of Mediaset but only 9.99% of direct voting rights - has shown unfair behavior since 2016, when it withdrew from a purchase agreement for the private Mediaset Premium channel. .

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