April 21, 2021

'Gara and Jonay, the electronic catharsis' rene multimedia, dance, theater, poetry and music – The Province

The first proposal with a Canarian seal arrives at the Festival of Theater, Music and Dance, Gara and Jonay, electronic catharsis. The theatrical and cultural producer Jab Iniciativas y Producciones debuts in the You move with a multidisciplinary large format project. Images in 2D and 3D, dance, theater, poetry and electronic music will meet on Friday July 12, at 22:00 hours, in the Plaza Santa Ana, with the poetic of the aboriginal legend that will be reinterpreted exploiting its meaning ritual, as if it were a Greek tragedy. A text of Alexis Corujo that has the address of José Carlos Campos and with the support of Ikigay by Hospitales San Roque for its premiere in the Canary Islands.

The director of the Festival of Theater, Music and Dance, Marisol García, presented at a press conference together with Alexis Corujo, author of the text of Gara and Jonay, electronic catharsis, José Carlos Campos, director of the work and Michelle Marier, choreographer, the details of the first Canarian production that will be performed in the framework of the Festival and which is the fourth function that hosts the twenty-third edition of Temudas.

Alexis Corujo thanked the City of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria for the opportunity that the Consistory has given them "to be able to carry out a production in the best possible conditions and a large format show that allows the public to enjoy a review of a legend as well known as it's Gara and Jonay. "

Corujo explained that he wanted to "review the history of the legend from the present and record the human relationship with nature." "An unnatural love where water extinguishes fire and fire consumes water, being Gara the princess of the land of water, which is La Gomera, and Jonay the prince of the land of fire, the island of Tenerife," he specified.

For his part, the director of the work, José Carlos Campos, said that "they will make a special representation of the Canarian legend by transferring it to a futuristic universe full of electronic music that also combines the chácaras and the drums with the most current rhythms". "With five Canarian actors that will give soul to the characters and with a choir of six dancers that will be part of this visual universe that has created Rafael Morán and Raúl Lacapria"he stressed.

The video mappins "will accompany throughout the journey to which we are going to immerse the characters of the story". In this regard, he said, images will be projected on the facade of the town hall and on the bodies of the characters "causing the Plaza Santa Ana to catch fire, blood, flood and tremble until it explodes as if it were a volcano" .

As for the choreography, its creator, Michelle Marier, explained that "they have a very theatrical concept and make dancers the choir of history, being an active part of the dramatic plot." The cast of dancers, Marier said, "is not understood as a body of dance but as characters within the story." The choreography, he continued, "is composed of a mixture of various styles of dance, both modern and ethnic that take inspiration from different cultures, from Canarian folklore to Japanese or African dance."

With a distinctly Canarian team, Jab Iniciativas y Producciones has opted for a show of great format and with the maximum artistic rigor. A performance that will record the high level of performing arts professionals in the archipelago.

A cast that has the actors Pedro Martel -In the role of Jonay-, Saray Castro -In the role of Gara-, Maykol Hernández, José Carlos Campos Y Sara Guerra and with the dancers Josué Espino Sánchez, Michelle
Marier, Juan León, Heriberto Rodríguez, Eva Álvarez and Cristina Pérez del Pino, who will dance to the rhythm of the musical composition created by Belén Lajalada.

By using mappings, Gara and Jonay, electronic catharsis will introduce the viewer, during 70 minutes, into a futuristic universe where visual poetry merges with electronic music, chácaras and drums, all in search of collective catharsis.

Of the seven Canarian productions that disembark at the 23rd Music and Dance Theater Festival, the street multidisciplinary show Gara and Jonay, electronic catharsis is one of the four proposals that have been selected through the public contest of ideas convened by the City of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, the fourth consecutive that facilitates access to the creators and professionals of the Archipelago.

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