January 17, 2021

Gaming companies accuse Alberto Garzón of “criminalizing” the sector

The Association of Operating Companies of Recreational Machines, Europer, has denounced on Wednesday the existence of a campaign of “discredit of the private game” organized by the Ministry of Consumption, which has accused of “criminalizing” the sector.

The president of Europer, Albert Sola, has launched this accusation after the Minister of Consumption, Alberto Garzón, has announced that he prepares measures to reduce the problems that the game can generate, such as gambling, and that it will focus on advertising and the regulation of the controls of minors in the in-person game and the “online”

In a statement, Sola has warned the minister that “the criminalization from ignorance of the private game sector puts thousands of jobs at risk and almost 1% of the national GDP, or what is the same, 32.3893 million euros.”

In Sola’s opinion, the alleged discrediting campaign against private gambling “implies unfair competition from the Administration itself given that the public games managed by the LAE – State Lineries – have not received any threat from the Ministry of Consumption.”

Alberto Garzón’s proposals invade, in his opinion, the powers of the Autonomous Communities “with which the representative associations of the companies in the sector maintain a constant and fluid relationship”.


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