"Gamer Sapiens": a rigorous journey through history through the video game

"Are the video game faithful to history? "is the premise from which the documentary series "Gamer Sapiens", a journey through different times and key moments in the history of humanity told from the point of view of the world of video games and that the History Channel presented this Thursday at a press conference.

With Sergio Ramos, vice president of programming for The History Channel Iberia, as master of ceremonies, the event allowed a dialogue between Daniel Ventura, producer of the series; David Martínez, videogame expert; and José Manuel Llorca, Colonel of the Army, as representatives of the different areas that the series includes.

The "challenge" of this production, Ramos acknowledged, has been "to develop a series for history fans but also for video game fans", while Ventura has highlighted the work of video game documentation "as narrative tool"and with a" fundamental informative factor ".

"Gamer Sapiens" is a project in which more than 20 experts from branches as different -but at the same time connected- such as science, history and videogames are given voice to analyze in depth the rigor of the same at the time of capturing reality, from the uniforms of the soldiers of World War II to the pirate ships and their strategies to loot and board other ships.

Throughout six chapters (premiering two each week), the series will allow the viewer to travel through times such as the Middle Ages, the era of pirates or the Second World War to also refer to futuristic titles such as "Cyberpunk 2077" , one of the most anticipated games of this 2020.

The key is, as Ventura explained, that the project is a "history series" and uses, for the first time on television, the world of video games as a basis for tell reality using the "balance between great productions and independent games."


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