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Game of Thrones: What do I do at six in the morning watching a series that I do not even like? | TV

Game of Thrones: What do I do at six in the morning watching a series that I do not even like? | TV

One of the virtues of fever Game of Thrones It makes us feel like an asshole. Not as a subjective sensation, but empirically demonstrable. One can feel asshole without being, but if, like me, you put the alarm clock at six in the morning (see it live, at three in the morning, I thought an improper excess of an older man) to see a chapter that You can see at any other time of the week or life, is that you are asshole. And that is a truth that deserves and needs to be revealed, because we can not go through the world without knowing what we are.

The worst thing is that I do not even like it Game of Thrones and that, when I announced to the head of these pages that he intended to dedicate the column to the premiere of the last season, he yawned and asked me if I could not write about anything else, that it was fried with swords and dragons. Anything else, he stressed. What did he do, then, at six o'clock in the morning, with the short TV so as not to wake up the child and hurry up the breakfast coffee with milk? The asshole, of course.

I think I have done it because of social inertia, because I do not feel apart from the world I want to be part of. Because, deep down, it's nice to be among the first to know about the moves juegotroneras, although I do not care. In short, because I am human, and humans become assholes when they tell us stories. We are addicted to narratives, as Harvard professor Martin Puchner teaches us in The power of stories, book to which I hug very strong to restore my wounded dignity of morbid who wants to know if Jon Snow and Danaerys Targaryen are going to keep rolling after knowing they are cousins, or something like that.

Sorry, it has escaped me.


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