‘Game of Thrones’, ready to roll

Works to hide the figure of San Pedro de Alcántara.

Works to hide the figure of San Pedro de Alcántara.
Silvia Sanchez Fernandez

Everything is ready for you from this Monday until next October 21 Athena Film starts filming the prequel to ‘Game of Thrones. Since last September 27, the assembly work has been carried out although the team disembarked in Cáceres in July, once again turning the city into one of the great film capitals of the world thanks to its imposing historic center, declared by the Unesco World Heritage.

Overproduction of HBO will shoot sequences for its prequel ‘House of dragons’. International filming began in April and now the actors have their landing in Cáceres. The production company Fresco Films, the link in Spain for the production, has also chosen locations in Trujillo.

This is the second time that the famous television series has chosen the capital of Cáceres. In 2016 he already shot part of the seventh season inside the old part. That same year he traveled to Los Barruecos in Malpartida, which served as the setting for the epic battle that same season.

Production operations base in El Cuartillo. Silvia Sánchez Fernández

And that the filming of ‘House of the Dragon’ began not without the difficulties that the world health situation. So much so that he had to freeze after a member of the production gave positive for covid while filming some scenes in United Kingdom. According to an exclusive published by the newspaper ‘Deadline’, the positive corresponded to zone A of the production, which includes the cast of the series.

Removing streetlights. Silvia Sanchez Fernandez

In December 2016, Cáceres lived the fascination of becoming the natural set of the delivery, where its actors resided for weeks. In the monumental city there were two days of filming, on December 14 and 15. The Arco de la Estrella, the Plaza de Santa María, the Cuesta de la Compañía and the Plaza de las Veletas are now immortal corners. Before, Malpartida de Cáceres had received all the teams to shoot the great battle. This task lasted 23 days, from November 19 to December 12. The Trujillo castle It was the first point in which it was filmed in Extremadura, on November 15. So the bloody conflicts of the Lannisters, Starks and Targaryens were dispatched across the province. ‘Game of Thrones’ has been the most viewed audiovisual product in history. It also had a great economic impact on the local tourism sector.

The Plaza de San Jorge, one of the stages, with the fountain that is going viral. Silvia Sánchez Fernández

Now, a new opportunity looms for the always beautiful Cáceres, whose monumental city has been transformed into the imaginary environments of ‘The House of the Dragon’. And they have even covered the cables of the facades with wood, a solution that, by the way, would not be bad if it came to stay as it happened when they painted the Church of the Precious Blood white for the Ridley Scott cult film starring Gerard Depardieu : ‘1492: the conquest of paradise’.

Once again, the hotels have been filled, there is a base of operations in El Cuartillo, Chaplaincy companies have worked on the assembly of infrastructures, there are 400 extras, to record the beginning of the Targaryen dynasty and its reign in Westeros. Cáceres, again, will be a witness again.


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