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Game of Thrones: 'Game of Thrones' 8x01: Winter Meetings | TV

Game of Thrones: 'Game of Thrones' 8x01: Winter Meetings | TV

The gear of the Seven Kingdoms starts moving again. Game of Thrones He has returned and he has done it for the last time. The six chapters that have just started will be the last of a series that goes away transformed into a phenomenon that has crossed television. As we have done in recent seasons, we are going to accompany readers in the last six weeks of Game of Thrones with weekly summaries of the highlights of each episode. Phrases, moments, characters, situations, revelations, deaths ... And, incidentally, we open the debate so that fans can comment on what happened. As always, one last obvious warning: this entry contains many spoilers.

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A winter reception

An episode full of encounters and reunions, with a very important revelation, dragon flights and a lot of cold. The credit titles themselves have been painted white to show the winter that has already arrived in Poniente. The story is picked up shortly after where we left off at the end of last season. And if the atmosphere is cold, it is also icy the reception that the North gives to the immaculate army and to Daenerys and Jon. Of course, to make an appearance with two dragons flying over their heads is not something that, first, make you win the trust of the people ... Arya also sees the parade as another citizen, with the arrival of the Dog (which had given for dead several seasons ago), of Gendry, Tyrion and Varys in a wagon and Missandei and Gray Worm, who will not open their mouths in the whole chapter. "Northerners do not trust strangers," Jon tries to justify Dany.

Within the walls, Jon and Bran are finally reunited (see what it cost them ...). And it is the turn of presentations and the greeting of Sansa and Daenerys. Very cold, again. Sansa is all distrustful towards Daenerys, despite that "Winterfest is yours, ma'am" that we had already heard in one of the previous advances. But Bran, always so sympathetic, interrupts the moment by hurrying them: the Wall has fallen and there is no time to lose.

'Game of thrones' 8x01: Meetings in winter

It is already known that the North remembers. But the North remembers that Jon Snow was their king, and that he has renounced his crown by taking the side of Daenerys. (Once again, who dares to break the ice in this regard is Lyanna Mormont, small but bully). "I had to choose to keep my crown or protect the North, I chose the North," says Jon. Tyrion tells them that they will have the Lannister's army in the war (although he knows it is a lie). And Sansa, always so pragmatic, questions how they will feed the largest army ever seen. To which is added an extra concern: what the dragons eat. In fact, although Dany does not give importance, later in the chapter it is shown that it is a well-founded concern.

Another important reunion: Sansa and Tyrion. They had not seen each other since Joffrey's death. "Many have underestimated you, most have died," acknowledges Tyrion. She senses that Tyrion knows that Cersei will not support them, no matter what he says. And from below, always vigilant from the courtyard of the castle, Bran, imperturbable, is watching them. Shortly after, another reunion: Jon and Arya, who takes the opportunity to remind Jon that he should not forget that he is also his family (although at this stage of the chapter they still do not know what form he really is ...).

The pirate and the queen

Let's take a look at things in King's Landing. There, Cersei sees the arrival of the Golden Company that Euron brings to serve her in the battle. They tell him that the zombies have crossed the Wall and she goes on like someone who hears rain. It's Queen Cersei, what were we waiting for? In one of the boats, by the way, goes Yara, to which we had lost track since her uncle kidnapped her.

The Gold Company contributes 20,000 men, 2,000 horses ... but no elephant. A disappointment for Cersei, who wanted elephants. Nevertheless, to Euron it seems to him that to have brought that fleet deserves a carnal reward on the part of the queen, although she says to him that it will have to wait until the war finishes. However, it ends up accessing. He likes Euron's arrogance and it's also good for him to have sex with someone else if he wants to continue to maintain a secret relationship with his brother. "I will put a prince in your belly." Oh, Euron, too late, I'm afraid.

'Game of thrones' 8x01: Meetings in winter

With Bronn as the protagonist and three unnamed women, the scene of female nudes and free sex of the episode arrives. But the fun for Bronn does not last long because Master Qyburn arrives, the Hand of the Queen, to transfer an order from the queen: kill his brothers with a crossbow if the war does not end with them. "What a fucking family," exclaims Bronn.

Reunion number ... I lost the account: Theon and Yara. After killing a handful of soldiers, Theon comes to his sister and rescues her. The next scene shows them on their boat on their way home, which Yara wants to keep safe in case Daenerys and the others need a safe place after the arrival of the zombies. But Theon will head to Winterfell to fight on the Stark side.

An ideal world ... about dragons

In Winterfell, more northerners begin to turn their backs on the Starks because their loyalty is to Jon, not to Daenerys. But Jon and Dany live their particular frozen honeymoon. She worries about having Sansa against her. But above all, that their dragons do not eat enough and do not seem happy in the North. Then, comes one of the most anticipated moments: see Jon riding a dragon. With enough difficulties and with great difficulty, he achieves it on a flight between icy cliffs and neglected landscapes with a little bit of visual effect when they appear on a dragon. The flight ends next to some waterfalls with passionate kiss included, always watched by the dragons. "It's cold here for a girl from the south." "Well, shelter your queen." Oh the lovebirds ...

'Game of thrones' 8x01: Meetings in winter

We had not seen enough reunions? Well, they go more: Arya approaches the forge and there she meets El Perro. "What a cold colt, maybe that's why you're still alive." We could not expect more kind words from the Dog. And sorry for the word, but why am I not the only one shippea [que ve una posible relación romántica] to Arya and Gendry?

Aegon Targaryen

Again Sansa makes clear his distrust of Daenerys before Jon. Meanwhile, the Khaleesi will thank Sam for healing Jorah in the past and backfires: he ends up recognizing that he killed his father and brother. A tearful Sam goes out into the yard and has the bad luck to meet the imperturbable, Bran, who tells him it's time to tell Jon who he really is and what he should tell him, the one he trusts the most.

So we went to another reunion, the one that starred Jon and Sam in the crypt of Winterfell. The encounter starts complicated because Sam reproaches Daenerys for executing his father and brother. And just as who does not want the thing, the conversation ends up leading to the fact that Jon is not that he should be King in the North, it is that he should be king of the Seven "fucking" Realms. From Sam's mouth, Jon discovers that he is not Jon, that he is Aegon Targaryen, son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen, and that he is the heir of the Iron Throne, the one for which Daenerys fights. "You renounced your crown to save your people. Would she do the same?" Sam says.

The Wall in ruins

For our peace of mind, and although we already sensed it, Tormund and Beric Dondarrion survived the passage of the army of zombies by the Wall and now they evaluate damages. Everything is destroyed. On that tour, they meet the young Umber nailed to a wall as a warning from the Walkers. But the child was not dead, he is a zombie, and between frightful noises and twisting movements, he is burned. Another child we see burning in this series, although this was actually zombie.

And finally, the arrival in Winterfell of a hooded knight attracts our attention: yes, it is Jaime Lannister, of course, who steps onto Stark territory. And who is the first one to be? TheChorprecha, Bran Stark! That child that in chapter 1 threw from a tower and thought he had killed! The best of the reunions, of course, had been for the end.

In short, an episode with a lot of girl (there are only five other chapters, there is no time to lose, as Bran said), in which we place ourselves again on the map of alliances and confrontations, and which places the characters in a situation of face the coming episodes. The Great War is approaching.

Death count:

Seven or eight soldiers of the Gold Company. Assassins: Theon and his soldiers. Way to die: drilled.

The young Umbre. Assassins: army of zombies (and definitive assassins, Beric and company). Way to die: nailed to a wall and burned later.

Resurrection Count:

It's a classic in the recaps of Fifth Season. We are people who do not lose faith that several dead come back to life in this series. None by now. But we will see in the future.


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