‘Game of Thrones’: Cáceres, in full swing

The entrance to the monumental city looks like a mirage. An island that would not be recognized for months, when the most common picture was that of silence and emptiness. This Monday, the intramural enclosure returned to recover the face of the coin after a cross that it has suffered during the last year. And it was a double face that unintentionally matched. The old town, with an unrecognizable appearance in some cases and without its Saint George in the square, returned this Monday to become the setting for the filming of the prequel to ‘Game of Thrones’ after weeks of preparations. The anecdotal thing is that the great display of which the HBO macro-production boasted, which at all times has maintained secrecy in the details of the filming and a large security device in the recording areas, coincided with the avalanche of tourists who have traveled towards the city over the bridge. .

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