April 15, 2021

'Game of thrones' appears by surprise in the Super Bowl | TV

'Game of thrones' appears by surprise in the Super Bowl | TV

At five million dollars (4.367 billion euros) the 30 seconds of advertising, sometimes it's best to join. This is what HBO and the Anheuser-Busch brewery have thought, which gave the surprise on Sunday night (early Monday morning in Spain) at the break of the Super Bowl with a joint announcement of Bud Light (Budweisser) and Game of Thrones of 60 seconds. An advertising risk, but that seems to have worked well for them.

Budweisser ads are usually full of humor and this was the beginning, until the characters of Game of Thrones they take it and they finish everything with violence and fire of dragons. An unexpected twist that gives the ad two very different tones. The company has also had another important announcement this year with its brand Stella Artois, in which has mixed two iconic characters from popular culture of the last decades: the Note (Jeff Bridges) of the movie The great Lebowski, and Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker), from the series Sex in New York.

The eighth and last season of Game of Thrones opens on April 14 (early morning from 14 to 15 in Spain). Although the eighth season of Game of Thrones It will be shorter than usual, the chapters will be longer than normal, and each of them will last at least one hour. Although the budget of the series is not known officially, US media estimates that each chapter has reached a budget of 15 million dollars. Some scenes of these awaited episodes have been recorded, again, in different locations in Spain.

In addition, the universe of the series will remain alive, as HBO prepares a prequel to Game of Thrones that will be starring Naomi Watts, who will play "a charismatic member of high society hiding a dark secret."

In its 53rd edition of the Super Bowl, the New England Patriots prevailed at Los Angeles Rams with a result of 13 to 3.


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