Game of games: The heart is dead, live the contests | TV

Game of games: The heart is dead, live the contests | TV

Change political times and also change television. A part of the cathodic bipartisanship has decomposed. If the generalist programming of the weekends was based on two different forms of people shouting at each other (of politics or of heart), the screamers of the heart have lost their hegemony. The chains have decided to remove them definitively from the kingdom that seemed his: Friday night.

Two premieres this weekend they certify the demise of the genre and its definitive substitution for lifelong white entertainment. The best song ever sung Y Game of games (New programs from La 1 and Antena 3, respectively) return those who do not go out on Fridays to the times of Ruperta pumpkin. Good proposals to sleep on the couch, the old marriage, when she said to him: Honorato, go to bed, you've been snoring for an hour.

Even though Game of games It is not exactly narcoleptic. An amphetamine and out of it Silvia Abril presents a contest that is a mixture of Yellow humor, Grand Prix and the version for dummies of To know and to win. The tests are excuses for the participants - in general, young, fit and a point hipsters, looking more Game of Thrones what Game of games- get dirty, get hit and bruised. Exhausting.

Much more rested and conventional is The best song ever sung, that plays to tickle the bubble of nostalgia, to see if it explodes. The presentation did not bode well: a Cachitos with an orchestra of versions instead of archival videos, but the artists reinterpreted with taste and audacity those resobadísimos classics, which took away all the dandruff. He won -oh, surprise- The girl yesterday.

Is this white entertainment better than the heartfelt and visceral crying? Definitely. Between fright and death, I choose fright, but I still think that the best plan for a Friday is to dine out there in a good restaurant.

Game of games managed to gather 3,131,000 viewers (18.7%) at its premiere, compared to The best song ever sung, which remained at 1,136,000 (7.4%). On Telecinco, To see you again achieved 1,850,000 spectators (13.8%).


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