Gamá urges Health to implement pre-exposure prophylaxis in the Canary Islands

On the occasion of World AIDS Day, the Gamá Collective recalls the need for the Canary Islands to implement pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), a protocol that is already being implemented in other communities, since a year ago it was incorporated into the portfolio of services provided by the National Health System. In September, Gamá, together with the rest of the LGTB groups of the Islands, asked the Minister of Health, Blas Trujillo, the “urgent and necessary application of PrEP” in the Archipelago. This treatment consists of continuously administering antiretroviral drugs to seronegative people with a higher than average risk of contracting HIV infection.

In addition, the Gamá Collective has launched an HIV early detection campaign with the collaboration of the company Guaguas Global, which has silkscreened one of its vehicles with the slogan 100% free, 100% safe. Live protected, change gears. Get tested for HIV. The bus will carry out the routes of different lines to raise awareness of the importance of the early detection tests for the virus that are carried out in the same headquarters of the group quickly, free and confidential. This is a campaign aimed at men who have sex with men, trans women and people at risk of social exclusion financed by the social interest program from the income tax allocation of the Canary Islands Government.

Data for 2020 reflect a slight increase in positives compared to the previous period. Of the 115 rapid tests carried out so far this year, 13 positives have been detected. “80% of the positives are people between 25 and 30 years old, 50% local and the other 50% foreign people,” they detail from the Health Area of ​​the Collective about the HIV tests carried out at the Tomás Morales headquarters.


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