Gam denounces the scant protection of transsexual women from the Islands – La Provincia

Gam denounces the scant protection of transsexual women from the Islands - La Provincia

The colective Spectrum It denounces the scant protection of the transsexual women of the Islands. In this sense, the association demands an equal treatment before the vulnerability suffered by women who have not been able to change their identity in the Civil Registry, because they do not comply with the requirements established by the current legal framework. "There are trans women who have already managed to modify their documentation in the registry, and therefore, at the legal level they are treated the same as any other woman who suffers this violence, but those who have not been able to change their identity can not be covered by the Law of Gender Violence", indicates María José Hinojosa, psychologist and head of training for this group.

According to the professional, in the latter case, only the Action Protocol for the Care of Women Victims of Gender Violence, "if the affected party can provide a document certifying their condition". A reality that the professional of Goma calls "absurd and humiliating." In his opinion, "it is totally meaningless for a person who has been a victim of gender-based violence, and who identifies himself as a woman, to be obliged to provide a document after calling the police so that it can be treated as such."

For this reason, "from Gamá, we denounce this procedure, it is necessary to change this situation, because a document can cause that instead of talking about gender violence, let's talk about domestic violence, and therefore, it can not be given to the victim the same protection as any other affected, "says Hinojosa.

To this must be added the phenomenon of transphobia. A social scourge to which María José Hinojosa pays special attention. "The violence exerted against transgender women is exacerbated as a consequence of transphobia, and in my experience, I can assure you that I have treated cases of women who have experienced situations of extreme violence for the mere fact of being transsexual", guarantees the member of the association Canary Following this line, the professional ensures that, since laws have been born that protect the collective protection, violent episodes have experienced a slight decrease.

However, "the transphobia has worsened, on the part of all those people who do not believe in the values ​​of equality, which has made them radicalized and carried out even more cruel acts," laments the psychologist.
Based on the testimony of Hinojosa, the violence reaches Gamá assiduously. However, "we can not say that it is more frequent in the trans collective, than in the lesbian or bisexual, for example," he says. "We live in a macho society," he says, "and what we can say is that episodes of violence are more frequent towards trans women than men."

Regarding the psychological treatment received in Gamá by transsexual women who have suffered some type of violence, Hinojosa explains that it is based, mainly, on "strengthening" the affected woman. "The objective is to feel accompanied, and therefore, it is necessary to empower them, they must have a space free of violence, so that the fear of being judged disappears," he clarifies.

But the collective does not only pay psychological attention. "We have lawyers, social workers, and a very broad team capable of responding to different situations, in each and every one of its aspects." Victims have to be aware that they have rights, "says the LGTBi collective specialist .

As for the prevention mechanisms for which the association is committed, Hinojosa points out that, on the occasion of the commemoration of the 25N, International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, "we went to demonstrations, and we took advantage of any space to give visibility to this social problem, we also worry about giving training to different work groups ". He adds that, "the truth is that we worry about preventing transphobia all year round, because violence is something that affects us all day by day".

Legal framework

It is not the first time that from GAMA they appeal to a modification of the Canarian law of 2014 – Law 08/2014, of October 28, of non-discrimination for reasons of gender identity and recognition of the rights of transgender people- by its obsolescence In fact, as indicated by the association, "urgent", the development of a new text.

Since last July, different LGTBi associations presented a draft before the Canarian Executive which contained all the rights demanded. Thus, among the multiple aspects susceptible to being incorporated, the one of gender self-determination stands out. A point that refers to the right of transsexual people to be recognized by their name meaning, without having to be obliged to submit to a medical assessment that justifies and validates this will.

Currently, in order to modify the identity in the Civil Registry, transsexual persons must be of legal age, have a document certifying their condition, and also express that the interested party has been in hormone formation for at least two years. . A fact that greatly influences the protection granted to transgender women who are victims of gender violence.

"It is essential that transgender people can change their identity without having to go through a medical court that states their condition in writing, and that is the only way we can move forward in terms of equality," says Gamá's psychologist.


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