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The dancer Israel Galvn arrives on the stage of Los Jameos del Agua on April 20 with a new and impressive flamenco show under his arm, 'Solo'

Recognized in more than half the world through criticisms that place him at the level of the best exponents of contemporary flamenco, renowned dancer Israel Galván, who fuses the tradition and the flamenco avant-garde with his dance, it is proposed in 'Single' investigate and deepen the possibilities of naked dance, and does it without any company.

On the stage there is only him and his dance, without music, alone before the audience that will have the opportunity to experience this avant-garde proposal. Galván, who explores flamenco from an intimate and revolutionary point of view, Follow the footsteps of one of his great references, Vicente Escudero, who has danced without music and without accompaniment almost 100 years ago. "For me, Escudero was a crack where I hid, when I discovered everything he did and I knew all his concepts, since he was a theoretician, he made me think about many things." I asked myself for the first time where I wanted to go with the dance. ", Explain.

The body as an instrument

One of the answers to that question is found in this proposal in which the dancer will use the sound generated by his zapateados, the clicks of his fingers and even his own voice, to create an enveloping and avant-garde atmosphere in which he shows himself as he is, naturally, without artifice.

Stage It is not amplified with microphones, there is no music. Only he is, dressed entirely in black, and he presents himself to the audience to perform real choreographies in which the artist explores his own body in depth. The result is an unusual repertoire, a unique and conceptual language that breaks the limits and proposes a new world of possibilities in the flamenco dance of the 21st century.

Galván explains how his personal journey was until reaching 'Single'. "Years ago, doing a show," The red shoes ", I stood in the middle of the stage and I left € then I went back inside, but the theater was silent for a minute and the audience liked it a lot. He made me think about the importance of silence and little by little I changed my concept of dance, "he says. "I imagined my own body as a percussion instrument, in addition to dancing, I became a musical instrument and the image gained much more strength."

From caste comes to the greyhound

You have to remember that Galván is the son of Sevillian dancers José Galván and Eugenia de Los Reyes, and since he was five he has lived, in a natural way, the atmospheres of tablaos, parties and dance academies to which he accompanies his father. But it is not until 1990 that he finds his vocation for dancing. Not before. Before, Israel was like any other child. "I grew up in this environment so much, that my mother kept dancing when she was pregnant with me," she says. "But as a child I was like the other children, I wanted to be a famous football player," he laughs. "Well, really as a child I wanted to play and that's it."

However, that was not going to be his destiny. A lover of culture and the arts, he found in the dance his way of expressing all the beauty that he saw around him. He began his career in 1994, when he joined the Compañía Andaluza de Danza. Since then his career has been unstoppable and his hunger for innovation, to overcome the limits established by tradition and merge his art with the avant-garde, too.

"Probably having grown up in that environment has helped me to explore my limits. I do not remember a single day when I did not dance, "he says. "For me dancing is like breathing, that's why I have never had the need to look good, or to prove anything, I've gone through stages, of course, and maturity gives you even more freedom, but it's true that I felt good exploring those limits and going through them until I find my voice, I've always had the feeling of being very free, that's the reality. "

Innovation and criticism

As often happens when someone, an artist of the stature of Galván, breaks with the established, the criticisms of those who consider it unorthodox arise, but the truth is that both the purists and the heterodox agree to describe him as a genius. A revolutionary Obviously, as it always happens when someone tries to innovate, Galván has had to face the purist and traditionalist flamencos who have not seen his proposal with good eyes. "Freedom bothers me and I have suffered being on someone's land, but my path has been long, sometimes I have the feeling that I have gone through an authentic desert, but I think I have created my own style," he says. "This has not been from one day to the next but it was necessary, as an artist I need to create new things to survive in this work and enjoy it, and that always brings criticism, I take it in. When I was younger I was affected, but I have learned to live with I learn from some criticisms and others, I ignore them, you can not like everyone. "

Jameos, a unique setting

Israel Galván has danced on many occasions in the Canary Islands. As a child, with his parents. However, he has never visited Lanzarote. Your representation of 'Single' in the Jameos del Agua, within the Jameos del Agua Dance Festival, will bring you for the first time to the Island of the Volcanoes.

"I really want to know the island and see the Auditorio de Jameos del Agua that I know of seeing it in photographs," he says. "I think this show is going to benefit a lot from the stage, since I play a lot with the sound and the place is essential, the sensations of the audience change a lot depending on the place where the show is performed, I'm sure the result will be very good" .

The best way to check it is not to get lost next April 20, at the Jameos del Agua, 'Solo'.


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