February 28, 2021

Galn bets on Spain's leadership in the fight against climate change – La Provincia

Spain has the conditions forlead the fight against climate changefrom the energy point of view, as evidenced by thePresident of Iberdrola, Ignacio S. Galán, in aOpinion article published this Sunday IBERIAN PRESS, group to which this newspaper belongs. Galán maintains that "our country has the necessary conditions and capabilities to lead this new industrial revolution, taking into account the general interest and ignoring the catastrophic scenarios drawn by the defenders of outdated models to protect their interests." As a result of vital importance "do not miss this opportunity tomove towards a more prosperous, healthy and sustainable society", which, however," is everyone's job. "

Galán shows in his article thatthe fight against climate change continues to occupy a priority placeon the global political agenda in the face of risk, warned by the United Nations, that we lose the battle against global warming if governments do not increase their level of commitment to reduce emissions quickly and drastically. Remember that the current energy model is unsustainable because of its effect on the deterioration of the environment and air pollution.

Unbeatable opportunity

Galán points out that the summit to be held on September 23 in New York is a great opportunity, as the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres has already pointed out, so that world leaders come with concrete and realistic plans. in the direction ofreduce emissions by 45% in the next 10 years.

The president of Iberdrola states in his reflection that the energy transition towards a sustainable model is the only solution capable of supplying the growth of energy demand and advancing in the fulfillment of global climate objectives.

It also proposes that, together with a reasonable regulatory framework, capable ofattract the necessary investments to modify the current energy model,an environmental tax reform is necessary so that the technologies compete without distortion. In this regard, remember that Iberdrola's investments exceed 1,500 million euros per year and that the company has plans to increase them in the near future. Within that context, Galán underlines the country's ability to lead that change.


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