Galician restaurants will not be able to give leftovers to their customers in plastic containers | Society

Next year, no Galician hostess will be able to excuse his customers who do not have adequate packaging to give them the leftovers of the banquet. The preliminary draft of the Galician law on waste and contaminated soil envisages obliging all businesses where food and beverages are served to have containers to take home with them.or contain plastic. This section is one of the most striking of the draft that yesterday presented the head of the Galician Executive, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, and the Minister of Environment, Ánxeles Vázquez, after the usual meeting on Thursday of the Consello de la Xunta. The processing of the new norm begins now and, after the phase of allegations, in which, among others, the innkeepers may make proposals, the Galician Government will try to take the law forward in the last quarter of 2019.

After passing through Parliament, it is estimated that the new regulations may enter into force in the first months of 2020. It will be tried that the rcipientes are, in addition, reusable and never plastic. This, according to an official spokeswoman of the Ministry of Environment, involves all types of establishments where food is served, "even if it is a cafeteria that has cakes", and affects both solids and liquids, from a barbecue or a Octopus ration to a soup or a wine.

In the press conference after the Consello, Núñez Feijóo said that it is sought "to influence the prevention, reuse and fight against food waste and plastics. "With this and other measures, the preliminary draft contemplates to advance to 2020 (one year before what the EU dictates) the prohibition in Galicia of the commercialization of non-reusable plastic tableware, reducing waste by 30% food in the year 2025 and increase the use of reusable packaging.

The new law will replace the current waste and contaminated soil regulations that, according to Ángeles Vázquez, have been "obsolete". The goal, says the head of Environment, is that in 2025 65% of all containers are recycled and reach 70% by 2030. Only five years later, in 2035, the EU states that it will not be able to reach the landfill more than "10% of the amount of domestic waste generated".


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