Galicia will force to install baby changing tables in male toilets | Society

Galicia will force to install baby changing tables in male toilets | Society

The Xunta de Galicia will legislate for that the change of baby diapers in public spaces is not just about women. This is not a measure included in an equality law but in a project aimed at curbing the population aging that affects this community in a very special way. With the emigration of young people threatening the future of the Galician economy, according to the Economic Forum of Galicia, and with a birth rate lower than that of Japan (For every 1,000 women of childbearing age, 1.07 babies are born in Galicia), the Galician Government has begun to process the Law of Demographic Impulse, a pioneer in Spain, which it intends to approve definitively before the end of this term in 2020.

In accordance with the measures announced so far by the Xunta on a project that has not yet been made public in its entirety, the new law considers the problem of population aging from a family support perspective. Without having managed to stop the bleeding of the youth diaspora for the time being, the Galician Government intends to promote through the new norm the offer of places in public schools for children from zero to three years old (double that of a decade ago) and the creation of a "network of conciliation in the rural" based on the creation of the so-called nest houses.

The measure that has just announced the Xunta consists of the obligation to install in new buildings for public use, although the ownership is private, changing babies in both women's and men's restrooms, except in cases where There is a mixed use space. The objective is that the stays of public buildings make child care easier. In the event that the property of the center is public, this obligation will be added to offer breastfeeding rooms. In the case of the existing buildings, the Xunta "will promote" that the appropriate reforms to the new law are carried out. And, with regard to bars, the obligation to install the changers will depend on the surface they have.

The Law of Demographic Impulse will also affect the parking spaces of buildings of public and private ownership. Thus, the properties that have parking will have to have spaces adapted and reserved for families with children under 12 years, as already do some large surfaces. These spaces will be larger than the rest and will be located in areas close to the common accesses, respecting first those destined for drivers with disabilities. Also in this case, the Xunta will push for the reform of existing ones so that they adapt to the new norm.


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