Galicia takes a step back in the de-escalation and closes Santiago again during Christmas

Galicia puts on the brakes. The clinical committee that advises the Xunta has decided to impose the perimeter closure of Santiago just over a week after having opened the limits to the displacement of its inhabitants. The progress of COVID infections associated with the Constitution Bridge and the Black Friday crowds have forced a step back in the Galician capital a few days before the Christmas celebration.

The advance of the second wave in the Galician residences surpasses the drama of deaths of the first months

The advance of the second wave in the Galician residences surpasses the drama of deaths of the first months

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The clinical committee has decided that the Galician capital "go to medium level" and be closed perimeter. The Xunta will clarify this Wednesday the details of the decision and its effects on the hospitality sector in the tourist lung of Galicia, which keeps most of its bars and restaurants closed despite the fact that current limits allow activity.

The Xunta indicates three new city councils in the maximum level of restrictions. They are Ribeira (A Coruña), Bueu and Baiona (Pontevedra).

The technicians who advise the Galician Government have also decided to "implement a special surveillance" on the towns of Verín, O Barco, A Rúa, Cedeira and San Sadurniño. The decisions are taken after several days of an increase in the number of infections and with a sustained increase in the pressure of occupation of ICU beds.

Faced with these new restrictions, Galicia opens its hand in six other municipalities in which the current limits are softened. They are the following: Barro (Pontevedra), Coristanco, Cee, Laxe and Carballo (A Coruña).

Regarding the Christmas plan, the Galician Government announces that it will be this Wednesday when the limits for family reunions are announced for which Feijóo himself has already advanced his intention to limit the number of families that can sit to two table without initial limit on the global computation that integrates them. All this, pending confirmation at the press conference that the Minister of Health, Julio García Comesaña, has announced for the next few hours.


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