July 29, 2021

Galicia registers up to 146 incidents due to adverse weather

Galicia registers up to 146 incidents due to adverse weather

The Integrated Center for Attention to Emergencies (CIAE) 112 Galicia recorded, between nine in the morning and six in the afternoon of today, a total of 146 incidents triggered by the effects of the orange warning decreed by coastal phenomena, rain and wind.

By provinces, A Coruña was the most affected with 71 reported setbacks; later, Pontevedra with 57; followed by Lugo, with 13; and finally, the province of Ourense with five.

The urgent actions for the prevention of risks in roads (31) and trees and branches on roads (30) were the most repeated incidents.

As for the town halls, in the province of A Coruña, highlights the Santiago de Compostela with 11 incidents, Miño with 4 and A Pobra do Caramiñal with 3.

Equally, there are the 8 incidences of the city council of Vigo, Vilagarcía with 6 and Pontevedra with 5.

In the province of Lugo, the municipality of Abadín computó three and Ribadeo dos.

Meanwhile, in the province of Ourense, in the municipalities of San Xoán de Río, Punxín and Ourense city, an incidence was managed in each one of them.

With regard to the events that occurred during the storm, in addition to a work accident in Frades (A Coruña), where an operator repaired a roof, 112 Galicia had evidence at 11:10 today of a fallen tree on the A-6 at the height of Cambre that interrupted the traffic in the two lanes, in Lugo direction.

As soon as the notification was received, 112 Galicia staff informed the Traffic Civil Guard, the Local Police, the Arteixo Firefighters and Conservation, which carried out the removal of the tree, since in spite of several events of This style, in this case, hampered traffic severely.

The work finished at 11:50.

Also, at 3:45 p.m., a man was unhurt after a tree fell on the car in which he was driving in Nigrán. It happened at kilometer point three of the PO-332 and it was the driver himself who contacted the 112 Galicia to alert of the facts.

Immediately, the managers of 112 Galicia required the intervention of the Civil Guard, Civil Protection O Val Miñor and Local Police.


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