Galicia in Common and BNG want to know how RTVE chose the Benidorm Fest jury

The controversial triumph of Chanel in the final of the Benidorm Fest of the weekend, which has made it the Spanish candidate for the next edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, has arrived this Monday at the Congress of Deputies hand in hand with two Galician political forces: the BNG and Galicia in Common. Both parties want know the criteria of the jury to decide the victory towards Chanel despite the fact that the popular vote declared the song by the Galician Tanxugueiras as the winner, which, however, obtained a very low score from the judges, whose criteria weighed more than that of the public .

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The Galician member of Unidad Podemos, Galicia in Common, announced on Sunday that she will present several questions addressed to the RTVE Council on compliance with the rules of the Benidorm Fest contest this Monday in Congress, given the controversy between the jury's conclusions and the vote of the public. The formation asks, in particular. make public the evaluation criteria for the composition of the jury, the detailed score of each one of them according to the rules and also the evaluation criteria stipulated in the bases of the development of the contest for the final score.

"The Council of RTVE must guarantee a contest with total transparency", said yesterday the spokesman for Popular Galicia in Common Antón Gómez Reino, in statements to Europa Press, referring to the popular support generated by bands such as Tanxugueiras and Rigoberta Bandini with the final result for the election of the Spanish representative to Eurovision 2022. "We believe that it is the duty of a public body to attend to the complaints of the population that does not feel represented with this decision. The popular vote must really count," Gómez Reino has stressed.

"This Monday the BNG is going to register a request for the appearance of the president of the Council of RTVE to explain the criteria used to choose the jury of the Benidorm Fest of the voting system and the difficulties that many people found to vote", he explained, for his part, the BNG spokesman in Congress, Néstor Rego, via Twitter. In his opinion, the corporation is "a public entity that we all pay for and, therefore, must guarantee transparency and equitable criteria in processes like this," he added.

"Today [por este domingo] there are many Galicians who have the legitimate perception that they acted with bias to prevent a song in Galician from going to Eurovision", he said, referring to the theme of Tanxugueiras, the most voted by the public. It is about "doubts" that, in the opinion of the BNG spokesman, "it is necessary to clarify", for which reason his group has also registered questions in this regard.

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