October 26, 2020

Galicia en Común suspends its rallies in Viveiro due to outbreaks in A Mariña and Beiras

Galicia en Común-Anova Mareas has suspended the events planned in A Mariña for the next few days due to the outbreak of coronavirus that has been registered in this region of northern Lugo, including the rally that the historic nationalist Xosé Manuel Beiras had planned to offer in Viveiro.

Precisely, through a video, collected by Europa Press, Beiras communicates this decision and apologizes to the citizens of Viveiro.

He also recalls how 32 years ago “he was the only deputy” who came to protest against the Casón drums at San Cibrao and as he was present in the claims together with the company committee, which ended up having to lower it from “a fireplace”, and how he got to spend Christmas Eve with them.

In the video, in which he is accompanied by the head of the list of Galicia en Común by Lugo, Miguel Anxo Fernán-Vello, Xosé Manuel Beiras reproaches the President of the Xunta and popular candidate, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, for this situation, for having called elections when they were foreseeable, said these “outbreaks”.

“I apologize for not being able to be there on Saturday, as I had planned,” said Beiras. “All this is the fault of the State Governments during these years (in reference to the situation in A Mariña) and the fault of Feijóo, who, in addition, calls these elections despite possible outbreaks, such as the one that is taking place in A Mariña and He put his opportunistic interests ahead of the respect and interests of citizens and other political formations, “Beiras reproached, who said that he should have waited” for the pandemic to really pass. “

For his part, Miguel Anxo Fernán-Vello has framed the decision to suspend the acts planned in Ribadeo and Viveiro in “scrupulous respect” for the citizens of A Mariña. “As a precaution and for being placed in the responsibility that we have as a political formation with people, health, and the citizens of A Mariña and all of Lugo,” he sentenced.


Before this announcement, Beiras participated in an act with the number three of the candidate, Martiño Noriega, both referents of the nationalist leg of the Galician coalition in Common, and in which it was the first act in which ‘father’ met ‘and’ son ‘politician.

Thus, in that act in Melide, Xosé Manuel Beiras accused of “using hoaxes to collect the votes of the people and then ‘meshing nela'”, “just as he collected the votes of the old men and then let them die for the covid-19 in the residences that he himself privatized. “

For his part, Noriega regretted that the Feijóo governments “motivated the impoverishment and depopulation of the rural” and has committed “decent policies for the rural that contribute to fixing people and defending the productive sectors.”


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