May 17, 2021

Galds returns a century later to his city with Alceste – The Province

Galds returns a century later to his city with Alceste - The Province

The Cuyás Theater will host the premiere of a new version of Alceste, of Benito Pérez Galdós, to close the first part of the Biennium Galdosiano (2018-2020), which commemorates the first centenary of the death of the brilliant author.

It will be the first time the work is represented since its premiere in Madrid in 1914 with the great María Guerrero as protagonist, according to the creators of this new show, who presented it together with the Minister of Culture of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, Carlos Ruiz.

Directed by Víctor Formoso and starred among others by Maricarmen Sánchez, María de Vigo and Mingo Ruano, the assembly, whose premiere will take place on December 21 and 22 at 8.30 pm, was selected through a public call together with Mercy, that the company will take the stage next year Prophets of Bar Furniture.

Alceste treats the fate of destiny, self-denial, greed for power, sacrifice in the couple, the voluptuousness of time € And also how the divine cela of the human and on the contrary, the sobredimensión that we give to death, how the laws of nature do not attend to the little human and the immobilism to which the old leaders cling denying a social and political regeneration.

Formoso's proposal, which has also assumed the adaptation of the original text, combines the beauty of the Greek myth with a modern staging, which seeks to break the distance between audience and stage and to value the current validity of the classical texts.

Complete the deal Nati Vera, José Luís de Madariaga, Lamberto Guerra, Pepe Batista, Kevin Sánchez and José Manuel Trujillo.

From 12 euros (more discounts), tickets are on sale at the theater box office and on their website (

The King Admetus of Thessaly has been sentenced to death by the goddess Artemis, who forgot to offer him hunting pieces after marrying Alceste, intelligent and respectable woman, but his faithful friend, the God Mercury, get your luck changed: Admetus will not have to die if someone in your family offers his life in exchange for his.

Faced with the refusal of her parents to give her life for her son, Alceste offers to sacrifice herself in favor of her husband, a fact that Admetus tries unsuccessfully to avoid. By knowing the facts, Hercules, who stays at the king's house, decides to return his wife's life.


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