August 8, 2020

'Galds in love' one of the bets for the centenary of the writer's death – La Provincia

The Pérez Galdós Theater will celebrate the centenary of the death of the grancanario writer who gives it its name, with the absolute premiere of the work Galdós in love, a text expressly commissioned to the playwright Alfonso Zurro about Galdós' relationship with the writer Emilia Pardo Bazán and of which there is epistolary evidence. Although initially scheduled for January, the show delays its premiere in May with two functions, on May 28 and May 29, 2020, both at 8:00 p.m., whose tickets are already on sale both at the box office and on the websites of the Theater and the Auditorium.

Galdós in love It is a theatrical fiction around this epistolary and sentimental relationship that these two giants of Spanish literature maintained. Doña Emilia's letters are preserved in the Pérez Galdós House Museum from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria while those of the writer have disappeared. Around this circumstance the frame of the piece is woven, which invents a fiction about their mutual admiration, crush and correspondence.

It is a work around love, creation, friendship and admiration. From the words that have been written about the bond that united them, and that we will never know if they would have been the definitive ones, Alfonso Zurro, who also directs the work, imagines where the characters would be today and how the relationship would have evolved. At the height of these personalities, the distribution of Galdós in love it is formed by two other monsters of the interpretation as they are Emilio Gutierrez Caba Y María José Goyanes, two solid actors with a long history in the national scene.

The Pérez Galdós Theater has been betting on production for several years through the commission of texts expressly designed to be premiered at the Colosseum. In addition, the Theater participates in the Galdosian Biennium with three own assemblies, framed within Galdós Laboratory, two of them already released: Ana, we will also forget with text by Irma Correa and address by Mario Vega, and The crime of Fuencarral street with text by Fabio Rubianes under the direction Mario Vega. In 2020, the playwright Laia Ripoll will be responsible for closing this biennium with her scenic proposal on the more political Galdós.


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