September 24, 2020

Galds and Auditorium postpone the start of the season – La Provincia

The Auditorium and Theater Foundation has been forced to postpone the start of the season, whose public presentation, as it happens every year, was scheduled for the first days of September. A season, the advancement of which consisted of more than 40 local, national and international shows to be held in this last quarter of the year. Now, in view of the latest events and the new measures taken by the Canary Islands Government that affect the celebration of cultural events, the Foundation has decided to delay the start of the season.

In the immediate term, the measure affects the first concerts planned in the Alfredo Kraus Auditorium: Young Talents from Fábrica La Isleta (September 11) and Deborah J. Carter (September 12). Likewise, and in agreement with the artists’ offices, the concerts of Jürgen Essl (September 20), La Otra (September 25) and Marem Ladsen (October 2) are also postponed, for which new dates are already being sought. .

From the first moment in March, when the first restrictions took place, the objective of the Foundation has been to maintain an important part of its programming, which is why, during these months, it has worked together with producers and artists in the search for new dates and shaping alternative projects that maintain, as far as possible, the cultural activity around the Pérez Galdós Theater and the Alfredo Kraus Auditorium.

Some of the canceled projects could be held in July and August, and others are part of the new season. This is the case, for example, of the concerts by the pianist Alexandra Dovgan, the singer-songwriters La Otra and Marem Ladson, the concert by Lina and Raül Refree, the International Piano Festival The world on a piano or the function Galdós in love, among others.

Bet on co-productions

Following the lines of action set out in recent seasons, the planned programming alternates the determined support for Canarian creators and performers, who are invited to share the bill with both Spanish and international artists and companies, with the definition of the activity through of thematic cycles that respond to a wide range of genres and disciplines of the performing arts and music.

In the same way, it continues to bet firmly on the production of newly created shows with the co-production of three unpublished theater projects, two of them dedicated to the figure of Galdós: Galdó’s last trips within the project Laboratorio Galdós in co-production with Unahoramenos; Galdós in love, by Euroscena, and Ad Libitum, co-produced with 2RC Teatro.


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