'Galdós' look', a 'fictional' interview with the author

'Galdós' look', a 'fictional' interview with the author


The work of the artist from Gran Canaria, Pedro Déniz, will be exhibited at the Pérez Galdós Museum in the capital of Gran Canaria, until December

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A vision of his own, from Galdós himself. It is the concept that the artist from Gran Canaria, Pedro Déniz, has wanted to express with his work '
Galdós' look, interview with a humanist' inaugurated at the 22nd Galdosian International Congress that will remain on display at the Pérez Galdós Museum until December 14.

The artist, a native of Santa Brígida, Déniz, took as a reference the interviews that Manuel Carretero and Enrique González Fiol did with him in Madrid, together with fragments of his book 'Memories of a forgetful person' and some prologues written by Galdós for other authors. The objective of this "fictitious" interview, according to the artist, is to bring visitors to know different facets of the author,
beyond literature.

The director of the House-Museum, Victoria Galván, explained that the initiative attempts to bring the
personal and multidisciplinary figure of Galdósfrom a close and original point of view, «for which the enormous documentary legacy available to the museum has been made available».

Galdosian Backround

This fictionalized interview presented by the exhibition serves as a starting point to create four rooms with the following theme: Galdós, his childhood and the city he inhabited and transited; His character, his family and status within the city and his studies; His hobbies and passions that contributed to the development of his sensitivity (music, drawing, theater, his travels or his works, among others) And, finally, the impact of Galdós and
his work in contemporary culture and in authors in different disciplines, such as the plastic arts. This last section includes the exhibition of reproductions of the best-known graphic representations of the artist, such as the portrait painted by Sorolla or that of Celso Lagar, the original of which was recently acquired by the Cabildo de Gran Canaria.

"Our goal is to bring the most unknown Galdós closer to visitors," explained Pedro Déniz, author of the initiative. "We work
the time tunnel conceptfrom the interviews that were made to him in life, to the representation that plastic artists of the 20th and 21st centuries have made of him”, he adds.

Do you want to know, readers, something more about the life of the genius? Well, imagine it calm, clear, orderly, without disappointments or headaches, without not living with children or suffering and putting up with women: Galdós is single », is an excerpt from the interview with Manuel Carretero, published in the section 'The Masters' of the Post'
Through those worlds' (Madrid, 1905).

Other extracts account for the most everyday Galdós. «Galdós gets up at 7 and writes until 12, when he has lunch. Then he attends rehearsals at El Español and La Comedia… at 6 he goes to the Society of Authors of which, until recently, he was president, or he goes to the Librería de Fe for a bit, until eight when, inevitably,
gets on the Pozas tram and goes home», wrote Manuel Carretero in his 1906 interview.

«The documentation work has been very laborious, we have delved into archives, both from the Ministry of Culture and the Government of the Canary Islands, in addition to having the v
aliosa documentation of the House-Museum», detailed the promoter of the project. Déniz also explains that “everything is very authentic, we have reused and adapted all kinds of second-hand frames to be able to get as close as possible to those atmospheres. The frameworks have helped us, along with other elements, to achieve transitions from one space to another”, added Pedro Déniz. «Reusing and recycling so much helps us to be able to say that the project has an added transversal value, because you get
lower carbon footprint and with this you speak of a project that is also sustainable in its form of execution».

I feel like an artist
emotionally guerrillawho likes to operate within the limits", confessed Déniz, "dare to walk along that thin line called no man's land between borders, that subtle limit that at some point made Sisyphus enjoy his effort before the stone rolled down the slope down one more time”, reflected the creator from Gran Canaria.

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