Galán calls customers who are in the regulated electricity rate "fools"

The president of Iberdrola, Ignacio Sánchez Galán, has assured this Thursday in Sagunto (Valencia) that the clients who are covered by the semi-regulated electricity rate, the voluntary price for small consumers (PVPC), are “fools”: “Only the fools that continue in the regulated rate set by the Government pay that price”, said Galán, by way of “parenthesis”, at the presentation ceremony of the future Volkswagen gigafactory in Parc Sagunt II.

In the presence of the president of the Volkswagen Group, Herbert Diess, Galán wanted to make "a parenthesis" to, as if it were "an advertisement", highlight that "80% of Spaniards do not pay the pool price", the wholesale electricity market, and in fact "they are paying less than the year 18 because they have lowered taxes." "Only the fools who continue in the regulated rate set by the Government pay that price," he added.

According to the latest data from the National Commission for Markets and Competition (CNMC), which is prior to the price crisis of recent months, 40% of low-voltage supplies, more than 10 million, are in PVPC. This rate is directly indexed to the wholesale market and has directly reflected the records recorded since last summer. This Thursday, Facua-Consumers in Action has warned of "significant increases" in recent months in electricity offers on the free market, with differences of up to 33% in the average user's bill. According to this association, there is a growing number of them that are already more expensive than the so-called PVPC. In the long run, this option is the cheapest for the user, according to successive reports from the CNMC.

The head of Iberdrola has made these statements in the presence of the Volkswagen manager. This last company is integrated into the employers' association of car manufacturers, Anfac. On Wednesday, Anfac published a letter from the Alliance for Competitiveness, in which it is integrated together with all the large industrial employers, in support of Teresa Ribera and the cap on gas electricity generation that Spain negotiates with Portugal to lower the cost of electricity wholesale market, after the “Iberian exception” granted by the European Commission

The executive president of Iberdrola has opposed this measure with the argument that Spain “is not an energy island”, despite the fact that the interconnection of the Peninsula with France does not reach 3%.

The Alliance for the Competitiveness of Spanish Industry, made up of the employers' associations ANFAC (automotive), AOP (refining), ASPAPEL (paper), FEIQUE (chemicals and pharmaceuticals), FIAB (food and beverages), OFICEMEN (cement) and UNESID ( steel industry), has sent a letter to the Minister for the Ecological Transition "thanking her effort and commitment", which "has resulted in the mechanism successfully agreed with the European Commission" to impose a cap on the generation of electricity with gas, which they trust that "it will have a positive and immediate impact in favor of Spanish industrial competitiveness" and whose details they hope "will be known shortly".

According to Ribera at an event in Barcelona on Wednesday, this solution is going to be approved "very quickly" although it was scheduled to go ahead this week. As the third vice president recalled in that act, currently about 70% of the electricity consumption of the Spanish industry is referenced to the pool. The big industry has demanded that the minister, in addition to the cap on gas, launch auctions announced last September to force the large electricity companies to auction cheap energy.

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