Galán asks the judge to verify the validity of the Villarejo case report before filing the Iberdrola complaint




The president of Iberdrola, Ignacio Sánchez Galán, has asked the judge in the Villarejo case to call three witnesses to testify to dismantle the report that denounced a system of false invoices to pay for espionage services of the retired commissioner and for whom Manuel García-Castellón has recently accused him. In the letter he assures that this report was deposited before a notary together with material stolen from the company. He is the former chief of security of the company Marcos Peña, a collaborator of Peña and the former deputy of the PP José Luis Ramallo, owner of the notary’s office to which the report of José Luis del Olmo was taken. It was this company manager who denounced the existence of irregular invoices to pay for these orders and accused Galán himself and Antonio Asenjo (who succeeded the previous one in the Security area) of being aware of them.

In a brief presented to the judge, to which ABC has had access, Galán’s defense maintains that “if the possible falsity of a document is under discussion which has served as the basis for the attribution of the status of investigated to various people -among them, my client-, it seems reasonable that the first thing to clarify is precisely this, that is, the validity or falsity of the former. Only once the first is accredited, will it be legitimate to give the document the presumed evidential or circumstantial efficacy, “he says.

In his opinion, and in response to the order in which he asks the Prosecutor’s Office whether to file Iberdrola’s complaint against Del Olmo, The lawyer points out that this decision can only be adopted when the procedures carried out “show in an objective and clear manner” that the facts under investigation either do not exist or do not have the character of a crime. «The possibility of dismissal seems to be based on the credibility that the version of events expressed by Mr. Del Olmo deserves. in the controversial document «. However, he points out, no diligence was practiced to verify the veracity of what was held.

The defense recalls that in December 2004 Del Olmo was responsible for the control of corporate functions of the company. “Its main task was to ensure that the invoices presented for payment were regular and correct and that, in their processing, the procedures established within the company had been observed. As well, The aforementioned gentleman signs without hesitation all the invoices that he supposes irregular (Without their validation, they could never have been paid) and, far from formalizing a complaint before the competent authorities -or, at least, a complaint through the corporate channels expressly provided for this purpose-, it prepares an apparently official document -with letterhead of Iberdrola- which is deposited in a notary’s office. And there their suspicions would have remained, sine die, if it had not been for the initiation of the present procedure. It also adds that his version of the events has not been confirmed by any of the persons expressly indicated by it. “

Stolen bills

Galán’s defense adds that the notarial deposit included, along with the report, “a series of invoices illegally stolen” by Del Olmo from Iberdrola (specifically, eight issued by Casesa and one by Cenyt). An extreme that, surely, would have attracted the attention of any notary public, “he says. “This practice observed by Mr. Del Olmo seems not to have been accidental. In fact, he is listed as being investigated in a procedure followed in a Madrid Investigating Court for illegal appropriation and disclosure of Iberdrola’s accounting documentation, different from the one that attracts our attention here “.

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