July 25, 2021

Gabriel's parents undergo forensic testing to determine the moral damage caused by Ana Julia

Gabriel's parents undergo forensic testing to determine the moral damage caused by Ana Julia

Ángel Cruz and Patricia Ramírez, parents of eight-year-old Gabriel Cruz, have come to the City of Justice in Almería to interview forensic experts at the Institute of Legal Medicine (IML) who will determine the severity of the psychological consequences they suffer. as a consequence of the behavior that the alleged murderer of her son, Ana Julia Quezada, maintained during the 13 days after her disappearance in the hamlet of Las Hortichuelas, in Níjar, and until the body of the child was found in the trunk of the car he was driving to try to get rid of him.

Legal sources have indicated to Europa Press that both, who have accessed the judicial premises by vehicle through the garage, were summoned this Friday morning for the practice of this expert report that the investigating judge, Judge Rafael Soriano, ordered in a self issued after the appearance of the defendant in court on September 17 to inform him that he will be tried by a jury and the imputation of alleged crimes of murder, moral integrity and mental injuries.

The psychiatric forensic test for Gabriel's parents was requested by the Public Prosecutor's Office to accredit the commission of two crimes of psychic injuries. The head of the Court of Instruction 5 of Almeria indicated in the aforementioned that self that of the practice was allegedly and indicative that, as a result of the death of Gabriel at the hands of the investigated, as well as the behavior of the same, both had suffered "a state of emotional shock that could have supposed psychic injuries yet to be determined."

In the resolution, he also considered that the alleged author, Ana Julia Quezada, he wanted to "make more serious the suffering" of the parents of the child with his behavior in the 13 days during which his search was prolonged, which "he overreached by pretending to faint" and that he "publicly and conspicuously exhibited in a sorry and distressed way" for the disappearance of a child "that he had killed with his own hands".

"This behavior in no way could be real and was presumably aimed at making more serious the suffering of parents," said magistrate Rafael Soriano, for whom Quezada "actively contributed to make believe" his ex-wife Angel Cruz and Patricia Ramírez that " his son was alive. "

He added, to support the imputation of the alleged crimes against moral integrity, that he "instilled continuous encouragement, telling them that, for sure, he could have been kidnapped and that they would ask for a ransom for his release" and collaborating "actively in the search".

As a sign of "such criminal proceeding," the order referred to the day in which the defendant went out with Gabriel's father to carry out a raid near the town of Rodalquilar.

"With an excuse he got Angel away from her, taking advantage of such moment to take out of his clothes the shirt that had taken the child after killing him, and putting it between a bush. Then he shouted to the father, telling him that he had found a piece of clothing and that, no doubt, it belonged to the child because he smelled it and smelled Gabriel, whom he had killed with his own hands days before, "the magistrate said.

It was at that time, as he stressed, when "overacted faking fainting and ankle injury" given the "stir" created by the appearance of the garment to reach the operations center from which the search of the child was coordinated.

"Colophon of his contemptuous behavior"

The resolution described as "colophon of his demeaning behavior" the expressions that the defendant said at the wheel of the vehicle in whose trunk he was transporting the child's body after digging him out of the Rodalquilar estate where he kept it hidden for days. "When getting into the driver's seat, the researcher said, talking to herself and whispering 'Where can I take it, to a greenhouse?', As well as' Do not want a fish? I'm going to give you a fish for my balls, '"he specified.

Regarding the murder of Gabriel, the car stated that there is no "evidence" of the child's opposition or will to go with Ana Julia Quezada when she took him to the property owned by the father in Rodalquilar where he was supposedly killed, which explains that the dismissal of the crime of illegal detention that was initially attributed be declared.

Details that took advantage of the father of the child was working that day, he chose a "secluded and unpopulated," which made use of "their physical and age superiority" and that acted "in a surprising and unexpected, no reason or reason some accredited. " "He suffocated with his own hands without the child could do anything to defend himself," he said.

The magistrate also shelled the following steps that the defendant gave once "the criminal action was completed" and points out that He used "an ax that was in the immediate vicinity" to "make the lifeless body covered by the stones that surrounded the pool and, thus, hide it in the eyes of the people who could look for it".

"Then, to give appearance of normality and provide a credible alibi, proceeded to paint the door to the farmhouse, as well as a washing machine that was inside it," he concluded.

In the operative part of the car, Judge Rafael Soriano also officiated, at the request of the private prosecution, the Institute of Forensic Medicine of Almeria (IML) to contribute to the court, in DVD format, the images of the TAC that was made of the minor in the Torrecárdenas Hospital prior to the completion of the autopsy for an expert report.

Finally, he admitted the evidence concerned by the then popular accusation exercised by the association 'Clara Campoamor', now removed from the case by judgment of the Provincial Court of Almeria, in order to perform forensic expert evidence to prove the volitional and intellectual capacity by Ana Julia Quezada.



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