Gabriel's parents collect smiles in a new space "Ballena" dedicated to his son

Gabriel's parents collect smiles in a new space "Ballena" dedicated to his son

Ángel Cruz and Patricia Ramírez, the parents of Gabriel, the boy who was killed by Ana Julia Quezada, who was a couple of his father, opened today in Almeria the space "Ballena", dedicated to his son, collecting "smiles" and thanking the love received.

"I want to thank you for coming with a smile." It was a way of trying to give back to all of you the love you give us and above all to the children, who are the ones that have to be protected and who also gave everything for us. said Patricia after discovering a plaque dedicated to "Gabriel and the Good People".

Along with the mayor of Almeria, Ramón Fernández-Pacheco (PP), Angel and Patricia have reminded that from today and until next January 4 will be running a charity campaign for children in which you can donate food, clothing and utensils of hygiene of first necessity.

In the tents installed in the vicinity of the 'Whale of Gabriel and the Good People', the parents of the child have participated along with dozens of children in a workshop of Pescaitos in which fish have been drawn on the floor with colored chalk.

"We hope that there are many children who can enjoy your donations, you know we have asked for the first aid," said Patricia, who has acknowledged that it was made "a flan", while Angel thanked all those who have accompanied "on such a beautiful and important day" for them.

"And that you have come to accompany us to remember Gabriel with a smile," he underlined.

Gabriel Cruz, who was 8 years old, disappeared on February 27 in Las Hortichuelas de Níjar (Almería) and his body was discovered days later in the trunk of the car of Ana Julia Quezada, who was the sentimental partner of the boy's father and who confessed be the author of the crime.

The lifeless body of the child remained in a well on the estate of Rodalquilar (Níjar, Almería) of the sentimental couple of Quezada, the father of the child, until the woman removed him from there that Sunday and moved him to Vícar, where he was stopped.

In addition to inaugurating the space dedicated to Gabriel, this collection has been carried out and different activities and shows have been organized, such as the flamenco carols performed by residents of the Almeria neighborhood of Los Almendros.

The solidarity story "The Heart of the Volcano" has also been presented, which has been acquired right there, or from day 30 on the web, whose collection will be destined to non-profit entities that are dedicated to the protection and care of minors, such as the Red Cross and the Association of Parents of Children with Cancer of Almería (ARGAR).

Ángela, the teacher of the Virgen de Loreto school who has directed the creation of this book by Gabriel's classmates, explained that this project "began with small essays that they did, small pieces of puzzle that we were giving little a little way and telling the story and they are the heart of the volcano, they are pure heart ".

As a culmination to the program of this day, the story has been read and the 'Little Big Bang of Clasijazz' has performed, as well as a parade in charge of 'La Duda Teatro'.

Alderman Alderman has said that today is an "act that is not in memory of a sad past, but of hope for a better future, towards the future that Gabriel and the good people represent".

"I want to thank Angel and Patricia, they have always wanted this memory to be projected into the future to help the children of Almeria, Andalusia and Spain who may need it, an act that honors them, that characterizes them and that identifies them as an example and an inspiration for all, "he concluded.


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