June 17, 2021

Gabriel’s mother celebrates that the Children’s Law protects the image of the victims

Patricia Ramírez, Gabriel's mother.

Patricia Ramírez, Gabriel’s mother.
Raúl Caro / EFE

Patricia Ramírez, mother of the child Gabriel Cruz, today celebrated that the Senate has approved an amendment to require the express authorization of the victim’s family members, even after the death of the minor, to avoid situations of “cruel use in social networks”.

In a video posted on social media, Ramírez has indicated that an amendment has been included in the Minors’ Law approved by the Senate, which prevents “to disseminate the image of our children without the express consent of their parents or legal guardians.”

Gabriel’s mother, who was murdered by her father’s ex-partner, believes that this has been possible thanks to the support of “all the institutions, all this tide of good people who are helping us and above all a political will.”

Ramírez thus hopes that “little by little we can continue to obtain results like this to improve the lives of the families that pass through here, the minors who remain and the memory of our little ones.”


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