Gabilondo assures that only 50,000 votes distance the progressive bloc of PP and Vox

The PSOE candidate for the Madrid elections on May 4, Ángel Gabilondo, has been convinced that the progressive bloc is better than what the polls have drawn in recent days - it is no longer allowed for more to be published, but parties continue to receive data until the last moment - and has completely ruled out a sorpasso from More Madrid. In any case, the socialists appeal to the mobilization of the progressive bloc as a whole because it is the formula to be able to unseat Isabel Díaz Ayuso de la Puerta del Sol. "The majority of progress and the conservative one are very close, we are at 50,000 votes as a lot about each other, "Gabilondo said in an interview on Cadena SER.

Gabilondo turns to the left after verifying that the Citizens' vote goes to the PP

Gabilondo turns left after verifying that the Citizens' vote goes to the PP

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The Socialists are fighting in the south of the region in the final stretch of the campaign. This is where they have their vote granaries, but they are aware that it is a much less mobilized electorate. That is why the appeals for participation are constant. A hypothetical victory that allows the PP to seize power depends on the mobilization being triggered. Gabilondo has assured that there are still thousands of undecided people. "They will have to choose if they want to continue with this government close to Vox," said the candidate of the PSOE, who regrets that the elections are on a working day because it hurts workers to vote. "We need you," he later said in an interview on RNE.

Despite the twist he made in his campaign -It was initially directed to the center-, Gabilondo has cooled the entry of Pablo Iglesias in a tripartite, although he has not ruled it out either. The PSOE candidate has made it clear that what he asked him during the Telemadrid electoral debate was "support" so that there could be a progressive Executive in the Community of Madrid. "I said what I liked: a focused progressive government, without extremism and that has its hands open in one direction and another," Gabilondo insisted.

Asked directly about the entry of the United We Can candidate into the regional government, Gabilondo has answered with the same phrase that Iglesias told him when he proposed that Reyes Maroto be the economic vice president. "They told me not to sell the skin of the bear before hunting it. Since it is a date that comes and goes, I tell him that you should not sell the skin of the bear before hunting it.

What he has repeated is that will not support Ayuso to prevent him from depending on Vox: "We are against those ideas of the extreme right, against Vox, therefore, from the political point of view, and against those extreme right ideas that also largely permeate the PP in Madrid." In fact, it has differentiated the drift of Ayuso's PP from the party at national and European level.

Regarding the criticisms that have come to him from Más Madrid and Unidas Podemos for their refusal to raise taxes in the remainder of the legislature, Gabilondo has reiterated that it is a very short period of mandate and has ensured that public services can be improved with the current fiscal pressure and that the important thing is that there are new budgets that modify the priorities.

In the public radio station he has taken the opportunity to make the Ayuso Government ugly by announcing the first aid for the affected sectors in the middle of the electoral campaign and has said that of the 900 million announced, 700 come from the State. "They have been two years without giving aid and now it turns out that on May 1 they begin to give aid, do you think it is decent?"

He has also defended the opposition he has made in the Madrid Assembly these two years before the criticism he has received -also from within the PSOE-. "It has been very active, another thing is if I can be more forceful," has conceded Gabilondo, who has regretted that "a lot has been said about Ayuso and little about Madrid politics."


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