G-COM 2018 aims to become the benchmark Christmas test in Europe – The Province

G-COM 2018 aims to become the benchmark Christmas test in Europe - The Province

To compete, in full winter, to 22 degrees of average, through the beach of The village, the forests of Tamadaba and the fishing district of Mogán. With these credentials, raised on the climatic benefits and the beauty of the places of the Island, the Gran Canaria Orienteering Meeting (G-COM) was presented this Friday with the aim of becoming the benchmark Christmas test within the European Orientation circuit. The Gran Canaria Arena hosted the presentation of the fifth edition of a test that, a few days after its start – scheduled for December 26 -, already has more than 300 entries from 20 nationalities. In the act were present Ángel Víctor Torres, Councilor of Sports of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria; Inés Jiménez, councilor of Tourism of the insular corporation; David Hernández, Councilor for Tourism of La Aldea de San Nicolás; Y José Luis Echevarría Y Ulises Ortiz, co-directors of the G-COM.

" The G-COM places Gran Canaria on the international map", underscored Inés Jiménez, recalling that" our Island has two details that, while in Europe the cold and the snow set the tone, make it exceptional: the climate and its nature. Here you can practice the sport of Orientation 365 days a year. And that is noticeable when reviewing the registration data of the competition: from the more than 300 participants, about 250 come from outside of Gran Canaria and, within those numbers, the percentage of Europeans is very high. The promotion of Gran Canaria is palpable and we, as Tourist Board, could not miss the opportunity. "The Councilor of the Cabildo, who was the first to take the floor, encouraged to receive with all the love to the participants of the G-COM "so that they feel at home".

David Hernández, Councilor for Tourism of La Aldea de San Nicolás, thanked the organization of the G-COM "to choose our municipality as the base center" of the event. "For us," he added, "it is a source of pride that allows us to enhance the benefits of La Aldea." The representative of the consistory, also, recalled that "within the Orientation we already have a permanent circuit"and stressed that to host a race that will start and end in your municipality" gives us the opportunity to offer another product to Nordic tourism. "

With the Councilor for Sports present, Ángel Víctor Torres-Vice President, Sports and Public Works Councilor of the Cabildo-took the opportunity to "give a scoop". "Today," he added, "we felt La Aldea a little closer, because the road agreement that includes the second phase of the La Aldea road has just been signed by the Council of Ministers." At sport level, Torres remarked that the G-COM "is a unique test that, at this time, will serve to show off Gran Canaria, with its clear skies in the middle of winter, its beaches and its countryside areas. It is, in short, a good opportunity to get to know the West of the Island ".

At the technical level, Ulises Ortiz -co-director of the G-COM- stressed that the test "will go through such emblematic places as the beach of La Aldea, in a night sprint race through the coastal area, we will wake up at the dock and in the neighborhood sailor of Mogán, that with its labyrinthine streets It will surely captivate our visitors, and we will ascend to the Tamadaba pine forest. "He also gave value to the adapted orientation category, which" is part of the Spanish championship, an inclusive modality introduced for the first time in our archipelago by Orientación Canarias ". Ortiz announced that, in this edition, the G-COM will have a radio beacon that "will emit the results at an intermediate point of the route, which will allow the spectators to have an intermediate classification from the finish area, will offer updated maps and will admit on-site registrations for those who come to our sport they can try immediately. "

José Luis Echeverría, co-director of the G-COM, said that Gran Canaria " it must be a preferred destination"In the world of Guidance." For example, "he explained," in Sweden, the federative licenses of this sport can quadruple those of football. And in winter they can not develop this sport in their country. That's why our challenge is to turn Gran Canaria into a Christmas reference in Europe. And for that we have to generate resources and make ourselves known through this test. The G-COM has to exercise as a tractor to reach that goal ".

The G-COM 2018 will start on December 26, next Wednesday, in La Aldea. Starting at 6.30 pm, the participants will face their first challenge: a night race, of mixed terrain – the alternate route between urban sectors and coastal areas – along the beach. The competition system will be the usual one of the orientation tests: the runners will come out one by one with the aim of marking with their pincers (chip) the beacons indicated in the map of the stage, each one will be able to choose the path that considers more optimal and the winner will be the least investing in completing the exercise -out, beacons and meta-.

The next day, at 10.00, the first scoring round will be held for the G-COM Trophy: the Half Distance Race, which will take place in Mogán. The runners will have to face an average gap, within a circuit of urban terrain, without traffic restriction. That same day, the calendar of the test presents two more proposals: an explanatory talk on the Trail-O mode (15.30 hours) and a Trail-O race in the South Park of Maspalomas.

After the first two stages of the competition, the G-COM program offers a truce for December 28: a day of training, with freedom of time, in the South Park of Maspalomas. This plan will serve as an appetizer for the big day of the test: the Long race (Pine Forest Race) by Tamadaba. The machinery of the race will be launched in the first hour: at 7.45, from the Municipal Sports Center, the bus will leave the runners from La Aldea to Artenara and from there in a transfer from the organization to Tamadaba, a measure that has adopted the organization to prevent the accumulation of vehicles in this natural park. There, competitors will have to find your beacons in a pine forest with undergrowth dense in some areas, a strong relief in some sections and technical parts with rocks and cut.

The race will return to its point of origin, La Aldea, to close the G-COM Trophy. On December 30 a low test will be held urban sprint mode, which will start at 10.30 am from the Municipal Sports Center. Participants must meet their goals between the streets of the town. An hour and a half later, the awards and closing ceremony will be held.

After the competition, and to bid farewell to the year, on December 31 the runners can enjoy a new day of training in The Plains of the Fish.

Among the participants, who come from 19 countries – Sweden, United States, Norway, United Kingdom, Belgium, Czech Republic or France-, highlights the presence of the British Scott Fraser, Swedish Johan Runesson Y Peo Bngtsson (86 years old) or the Norwegian Lone Karin Brochmann -Winner in 2017 of its category and second in the race Perpetual Hospital Socorro San Silvestre-. For this edition, the revision and updating of the maps is signed by Alvar Palmen and Palmen himself is included in the list of tracers. Antonio López (Mogán), José Samper (Tamadaba), Ulises Ortiz (The Village) and Enrique Rolland (Trail-O).

The 300 registered for the G-COM 2018 will compete distributed in 21 different categories. Among adults, the levels are differentiated by age (M / F18, M / F21, M / F35, M / F45, M / F55, M / F65 and M / F75 +) and sex, while among the younger establishes a distinction between boys and girls (10, 12, 14 and 16). The inscriptions will remain open until December 25, but only in the Open A and Open B categories -You can find information on the web www.gcom.orientacioncanarias.com-. In addition, the categories of the O-CUP Gran Canaria in the tests that score for this competition on days 26 (night) and 30 (city sprint).

The first three classified in each category they will receive trophies and prizes – will be established from the sum of the middle distance race, the long run and the urban sprint; the rest of the tests are considered open and will not have prizes.

The organization, during the days of the competition, will offer the participants free sports massage service, spa pool, sightseeing, showers, cloakroom and refreshment. In addition, it also has a daycare service for children from 3 to 9 years old – a previous reservation is necessary.

The G-COM 2018 is organized by Orientación Canarias (by Limonium Canarias) and has the Insular Institute of Sports – European Sports Island and the Gran Canaria Tourist Board as main sponsors. The municipalities of La Aldea, Artenara and Mogán also appear as sponsors of a test that has Gofio La Piña, Tirma, Coca Cola-Aquabona, Tirma and Gofio Buenlugar as collaborators.


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