Futurecom presents in Brazil solutions for better energy efficiency

Futurecom presents in Brazil solutions for better energy efficiency

Futurecom, the largest Telecommunication and Information Technology event in Latin America, presented solutions to increase energy efficiency in the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo, a measure that can especially benefit the field.

Itron, considered a world leader in technology and services for the efficient use of energy, took to Futurecom the "Forecast as a Service" project (Faas), which makes periodic forecasts on energy demand.

The forecasts are continually updated to support the planning and delivery of power generation according to customer demands, with frequencies ranging from five minutes to 20 years in advance, the company explained during the event.

"The tool allows you to buy energy at a cheaper time, so the investment is much less," said Eduardo Donatelli, systems technician at Itron, during the technology event.

The system, with a lower percentage error than other tools, allows an increase in financial balance for companies and greater control over energy, according to Itron, which made a partnership with the company Logicalis.

The technology presented at the Futurecom is based on proprietary machine learning algorithms that include weather forecasts and measurements, which can be used in various sectors and public services.

According to Itron sales manager in Latin America, Emerson de Souza, Faas can help farmers in the field and optimize their work to make it more profitable.

The union between technology and energy has gained prominence in the twentieth edition of Futurecom, which will have its doors open in the São Paulo capital until next Thursday.

A total of 300 lecturers participate in the Futurecom, a meeting in which the main operators of the country attend and which is dedicated to IoT demonstrations in various sectors.


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