'Futurama' returns to the air more than two decades after its first program

Matt Groening, creator of 'Futurama'.

Matt Groening, creator of 'Futurama'.

'Futurama', the animated series created by Matt Groening, will return to television more than 20 years after its debut with twenty new episodes that can be seen on the platform American Hulu, owned by Disney. Groening, who is also responsible for 'The Simpsons', will once again take charge of the plot alongside David X. Cohen and the rest of the cast that gave voice to the characters in the original version, released in 1999 on the Fox channel. "When we were presented with the opportunity to deliver new episodes of 'Futurama,' we couldn't resist," Hulu president of original content Craig Erwich said in a statement, recalling that the series "paved the way for adult animation." .

Although 'The Simpsons' is the Serie longest running cartoon on television and has received countless awards, many fans of the genre have a predilection for 'Futurama', which after its cancellation in 2003 achieved cult status. The fiction is set in a hypothetical futuristic New York in which Fry appears, a pizza delivery boy quite dissatisfied with his life who wakes up on New Year's Day 1999 in 3000. Fry gets a job at Planet Express Corporation, a service parcel that makes deliveries to the five quadrants of the universe and befriends Leela, a mutant who drives the delivery ship.

The Comedy Central channel brought the format back in 2008 with a new season, but canceled its broadcast in 2013. As of 2023, 'Futurama' will find a third life on Hulu, a streaming platform known for hosting iconic adult animation series such as 'American Dad', 'Family Guy' and 'Rick and Morty'. Hulu is only available in the US, but Disney often releases its series on platforms in other countries such as Star and Disney +.

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