April 11, 2021

«Funidelia», the Spanish store that disguises three continents

«Funidelia», the Spanish store that disguises three continents


The young entrepreneurs Antonio Escartín and Carlos Larraz they found that there was no ecommerce that offered a wide catalog of disguises in Spain and, above all, could make delivery as quickly as possible. From this need, he was born «Funidelia» in September of 2011, and that today is already among the three main online disguise stores in Europe. Specialized in costumes and merchandising has a range of prices ranging from 10 to 1000 euros, says its head of business Javier Ferraz. It also has a presence in 32 countries on three continents (Spain, France, Norway, Italy, USA, Panama, Colombia, Australia or Singapore).

All this, with different levels of spending according to the country: For example, in Spain the average cost has commented from this online store between 35 and 40 euros compared to 60/65 euros from the Nordic countries.

"The customer is provided with a shopping experience in their language, with payment methods and local carriers," says Ferraz, who points out that fourteen languages ​​are already being used on the web (Spanish, French, German, English, …) . What would not be possible if they did not have outsourced logistics and work with delivery coaches as powerful as DHL. «Funidelia» currently employs some 60 people, from its headquarters in Zaragoza or through teleworking. This year your objective, has assured your business director, is to check in 30 million euros. What will be known when they have closed their particular fiscal year, from April 1 to March 31. Since 2011, Ferraz says, they have doubled sales and entered 18 million and 10 million euros during the fiscal years of 2017 and 2016, respectively.

Some sales that not only realize to individuals but also to companies, schools, rooms of celebration, other stores of disguises or hotels. What includes a certain degree of personalization "As the inclusion of the corporate logo, for example" and discounts with which to retain customers.

Merchandising is the other great line of «Funidelia» to escape the seasonality of the costumes
Merchandising is the other great line of «Funidelia» to escape the seasonality of the costumes – FUNIDELIA

How to get away from seasonality

«70% of what we sell in costumes is concentrated in Halloween, Christmas and Carnivals», Says the CEO of« Funidelia », who is currently facing one of the work peaks of the year. In this regard, Ferraz adds that there is much differentiation since «Christmas is more children, so it is the parents who buy us, and yet, in Carnival, the client becomes more the hooligan and is between 20 and 30 years old. Halloween is a mix, with a greater weight of the adult audience ». Then, in the case of Carnival, these do not always happen at the same time of the year or are similar to a similar type of festivity.

For the business manager of this Spanish SME, his main job consists of «Anticipate movements». For example, identify the bestsellers of the smallest through different web metrics or attending the film premieres, specialized blogs, etc … The goal is none other than to provide stock. "Looking to December, purchase orders have to be in September," said Ferraz.

But, what happens the rest of the year? This online store is being diversifying and has added two new lines of business: the sale of merchandising of large franchises (Marvel, Star Wars, Harry Potter …) with which they seek to balance sales over the months of lesser ingredients and, which has an example of this, on the return to school in the month of September. «Star Wars backpacks are sold a lot», says our interlocutor.

The Dragon Ball Z characters, among the novelties of the Spanish store
The Dragon Ball Z characters, among the novelties of the Spanish store – ABC

The other line of business, recently inaugurated, is the making of their own costumes by "Funidelia" (generic, in the jargon). Within its portfolio, the buyer can dress as Smurf, Packman, a Dragon Ball Z character or Street Fighter, among others. "We are attentive to the last detail and, having fewer intermediaries, the value chain generates a very tight price," Javier Ferraz summarized, saying that everything is done together with local suppliers and distributors.


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