September 21, 2020

Funeral homes ask more family members to attend funerals

The National Association of Funeral Services (Panasef), employers of the sector, has demanded this Monday to the Ministry of Health that more family members can attend the funerals and cremations of the deceased.

Currently, only a maximum of three people can attend farewells, who must attend in two cars and must also keep a distance between them.

The Panasef general secretary, Alfredo Gosálvez, explains, in declarations to Efe, that for the moment his request is that the “farewells” be made more flexible with a greater number of assistants to the dismissals, although without specifying how many people should attend .

“The same as there are eight people on a television set, in a program, it must be relaxed,” says Gosálvez. At the moment they do not ask to recover the wake or the funeral home to prevent them from becoming new sources of infection.

Given the fall in the number of deaths from coronavirus, the sector is moving towards the normalization of its services in the Community of Madrid, the region in which the most fatalities have caused COVID-19.

The Panasef general secretary explains that in Madrid the number of services given at the beginning of the epidemic, on March 14, has been recovered. In the last 24 hours there have been 115 deaths from all causes, on a normal day they would be around 60, but there have been days with more than 400 deaths, he explains referring to the Community of Madrid.

Despite the drop in deaths, it will take at least two weeks to recover normality when it comes to making burials and cremations, which are also still practiced in other provinces to reduce waiting times. The return to normality will depend in any case on the fact that the figures continue to drop and there are no new peaks, Panasef points out.

In the sector they have no record of deaths among their workers due to the disease, so they consider that the methods of individual protection are working, even though they have had to remove and replace defective masks sent by the Government.

In the last 24 hours there have been 64 deaths in Madrid, the fourth day with less than a hundred deaths in a region where the deaths from COVID-19 with positive PCR are already 7,986, according to data provided this Monday by the Ministry of Health. They represent 33% of the fatalities of the coronavirus in Spain, a total of 23,521.


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