October 20, 2020

Fundación Franco asks the Government if the new Memory law will recognize the victims of the Republican side

Despite the fact that the public consultation prior to the preparation of bills aims to allow civil society to suggest contributions to the regulations before their approval by the Council of Ministers, the president of the Franco Foundation, Juan Chicharro, has registered a whole series of questions, rather than ideas or proposals.

In most cases, these questions are about whether the Executive intends that the new law also refers to the victims caused by the Republican side, not only the victims of the rebels against the Popular Front, the left-wing coalition. who won the 1936 general elections prior to the outbreak of the Civil War.

One of the objectives that the Pedro Sánchez Government is pursuing with the new Historical Memory Law is to promote the exhumations of the thousands of disappeared who remain under the gutters of this country. In this regard, Chicharro asks the Executive if “the disappeared are also to be found in the hands of the Republican side, or in the hands of the Popular Front’s political militias.”

He is also interested in knowing if the location maps of the disappeared will also be carried out in the areas where the Popular Front triumphed.

Another of the government’s aims is to create a public DNA bank to help identify the bone remains that are recovered with the exhumations. In this sense, Chicharro asks if this database will be available for “the victims of all the disappeared, murdered and victims of any side”, also for those who died at the hands of the guerrillas called ‘maquis’ or of the terrorist gangs ETA and FRAP.

At the beginning of the year, the Socialists had announced their intention to include in the reform of the Penal Code a new crime in support of Francoism. Hence, the Franco Foundation is now asking whether the Government intends to also consider acts of exaltation in “public communist ideology or leftist regimes where human rights are violated or have been violated in public places as a serious infraction. practices or has practiced political violence. “

This same week, the first vice president of the Government, Carmen Calvo, announced that her intention was to present to the Council of Ministers this same month of July the new draft Memory Law in which her department works.


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