Fun and color in children's creations by Moda Bao Gran Canaria - La Provincia

The smallest were this morning, the protagonists of exception of the Bathroom Fashion Week of Gran Canaria 2019, where the children's collections of eight Canarian, national and international brands shone in four colorful fashion shows in which sustainable designs and inspirations could be seen in animals and in exotic countries.

Expomeloneras welcomed the start of the last and intense day of this catwalk organized by the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, and in which on this occasion Ifema has assumed the strategic development and artistic direction to give it an international boost.

Each firm, with its own personality and a unique staging, offered a common creative concept throughout the morning, reaffirming on the catwalk that you can play in the sand and dive into the sea and in the pool wearing comfortable swimsuits, sustainable and also exclusive.

The session began with the trends of the children's brand specialized in swimwear Kokú Kids, which, faithful to its ecological conscience, presented garments made of recycled and innovative materials, gel-type, fluffy, achieved with 3D printing or dry dyeing.

On the other hand, the designs of DC Kids by Dolores Cortés showed another way of looking at the sea with its Tropical Life collection, a combination of plant, animal prints, surfing and sporting motifs. Sails and sailor motifs added to the inspiration along with textured summer fruits and desserts in sorbet, mint green and white colors, embodied in crochet and piqué fabrics.

At twelve in the morning the music sounded for the bohemian and luxurious Oh Soleil! Mercedes Pérez, who first presented designs for all ages, with floral patterned motifs, seabed, exotic animals and Asian touches mixed as a cocktail of styles in the Coconut Vintage collection.

The young line of the international Banana Moon, colorist and urban and sportswear, immersed in its Californian roots adapting the style so that mother and daughter can go in harmony. The Kids 2020 collection features swimsuits and bikinis with fun details, such as bracelets or ruffles, plus oversized flowers, shorts and lycra shirts, attached to two-color stripes, plain with a mixture of blue and burgundy, and textured materials along with worked details.

The pace returned at half past twelve with the best finishes of B with B, a specialist in swimwear, which included footwear, accessories and fashion from 0 to 16 years. Maintaining its adventurous and traveler spirit, the firm looked at Madeira, Malta, Mainau and Mahe to design a collection that shows the planet's natural treasures, seas, landscapes, animals and plants.

Together with this guest brand, the comfortable and avant-garde cuts of Cristina González-Roca and Juan Alberto Rodríguez-Tenorio, designers of the Gran Canaria company Ladybug's Cris, who continue with their Dress & Learn project, are being announced in this block case myths of the music of the sixties, eighties and nineties, in addition to public figures that marked fashion and trend.

In addition, the designer María Olivo presented on the catwalk her swimsuits Things of Mon, which this year have their own name and personality inspired by prominent characters of history, durable and timeless, under a casual air.

Finally, it was the turn to immerse yourself in It Child and its collection without geographical limits, a semi-art show of 'prêt-à-porter', swimwear and ceremony, with four key trends -Andalusia, Mexico, Morocco and Japan- perfect for coordinate styling between brothers of different ages and sexes.


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