Sat. Oct 19th, 2019

Fujitsu inaugurates new headquarters in Seville and plans to employ 600 workers

Fujitsu Spain has reorganized its presence in Andalusia, a market that represents 20% of the business of this Japanese technology company in Spain, with the merger of the activity centers that it maintains in Seville, which, from now on, they share a new headquarters, and has completed 45 years of his commitment to the autonomous community, which led him to create a factory in Malaga, center that the president of Fujitsu Spain, Ángeles Delgado, presents as "the factory where everything began", as well as "the embryo" of the space that would eventually become the Technology Park of Andalucía (PTA).

Ángeles Delgado has been accompanied by the Minister of Economy, Knowledge, Business and University, Rogelio Velasco, and by the mayor of Seville, Juan Espadas, at the inauguration ceremony of the new Fujitsu headquarters in Seville, which led to the merger of the two centers of activity that the Japanese company maintains in the Andalusian capital: a software factory and a Service Center for Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM).

"Spain represents the first investment outside of Japan", explained Ángeles Delgado to put the emphasis on the opening of the Málaga factory 45 years ago. With the reorganization of its Fujitsu activity in Seville, Delgado has argued, the commitment with Andalusia is renewed, which is past, present and future ".

Cashiers with "facial recognition"

The forecast, as explained by the president of Fujitsu Spain, is reach 600 jobs in the new Sevillian headquarters, "highly qualified", in the words of Ángeles Delgado, while the total number of jobs in Andalusia reaches 1,200 workers, a figure that represents 40% of the volume of Fujitsu personnel in Spain. The activity that Fujitsu deploys in Andalusia has two poles, Seville and Malaga, as well as an open collaboration with the Computing Center of the University of Granada.

If the factory in Malaga "have left more than 10,000 ATMs," explained Ángeles Delgado, who is now working on a new batch of 5,000 ATMs for CaixaBank that "are the first to include facial recognition", From Seville" technological applications are developed ", as the president of Fujitsu Spain has pointed out," for the UK Post Office, the British Post Office ".

Cashiers of CaixaBank and Fujitsu with facial recognition

Cashiers of CaixaBank and Fujitsu with facial recognition

Fujitsu manages from its centers in Seville, now merged into a single space, as it has been shelling Angeles Delgado, "all data centers of the Andalusian Health Service, the AP-7 highway that connects Seville with Cádiz, and a network of offices banking. " Around Fujitsu business is also generated, as are the 150 companies collaborators that Delgado has included in the explanation of the physical and human infrastructure deployed by Fujitsu in Andalusia. Delgado, who has declared his origins with "the city that saw me being born", has described "the digital transformation that drags a change in business and in society", among which has listed cloud computing, cybersecurity or computing quantum, has advocated "for a holistic vision but that puts people in the center".

They must fight in costs and in quality so that these facilities continue here "

The Minister of Economy, Knowledge, Business and University, Rogelio Velasco, has expressed his satisfaction, after knowing the explanations of the president of Fujitsu Spain on the training of the personnel employed in the Japanese company, "for the magnificent quality of the Spanish universities", that has exemplified in "the formation of the engineers, mathematicians and physicists "who have left the university classrooms. "In the intense digitalization of the economy", explained Velasco, he praised Fujitsu's effort, which has ensured "they must fight in costs and in quality so that these facilities continue here".

The Minister of Economy has described the degree of use of the Internet, which has reached 85% of households and 77% of businesses, to which has added the support and commitment of the Andalusian Administration for school infrastructure, which has led to "3,316 schools that all have a one-way Internet connection".

Velasco has described the actions of the Board in this process of social and economic digitalization, among which has listed a self-diagnostic platform, a digital certificate that details the skills of workers, and the digital literacy initiative Andalusia Digital Compromise, which will give training to 11,000 professionals.

Seville is a lively and attractive city, which is complemented by Malaga "

The mayor of Seville, Juan Espadas, has indicated, after the opening of the new headquarters of Fujitsu in Seville, that this Fujitsu gesture "shows that Seville is a city alive and attractive, which is complemented by Malaga ", in reference to" the great factory "of the Japanese company in today's PTA.

Espadas has presented "the School of Engineers of Seville" as a reference for training and has declared its concern that "you can not generate staff at the right pace" for the needs of business projects that choose Seville.

The mayor of Seville has moved the president of Fujitsu Spain that the location of the company in Seville was "known as the Golden Mile" of the city by the confluence of high-level companies and has announced that the employees of the company "will be the main beneficiaries" of the future connection of the tram from San Bernardo to the Santa Justa train station.

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